Sunday, February 15, 2009

finally, an update

I've been slacking, but truly, it's been a mad dash from one thing to the next.

Mugsy is doing well, although one of her doctors tried to give her the boot from the hospital and send her to a nursing home. Uh uh, that didn't go over well with the family at all. It's a little risky to discharge a woman whose kidneys are still only functioning at 13%, who still can't move one of her legs at all, and who still needs dialysis. Don't you think?

They talked to the kidney specialist and the social worker.

The other doctor changed his mind and apologized.

I think there was a whole lotta talking inbetween those two things. I wasn't in on it. But I would have liked to be a little mouse in the corner taking it all in.

I'm nosy. I'm just plain nosy. But I'm usually not so blatant about it.

And tonight on Valentine's night, my honey and I went to see a play called Hormel Girls. It was two and a half hours of sheer pleasure.

And tomorrow, we were going to go see Mall Cop, but there's been a change of plans. We're staying in and watching Fireproof instead. I already have it rented, and there's not time to do both after church, I don't think, because we also have to grocery shop for the upcoming two weeks. It should still be a good time.

And then when we go shopping, I can return it right to the little redbox there. Doesn't that just wrap itself up neatly?

I didn't even get to tell you about the flowers my hubby bought, but it's too late for tonight. I'm way too tired. I'm getting seriously twitchy. I'm sure if you were watching, you'd think I had critters or something. Gotta go for now!


Becky K. said...

Mikey wants to see Mall Cop. I'm thinking we will check it out at some point on our trip. Maybe on a "rain day", if we have one.

If you do go to see it soon, maybe you could post if you thought it was ok for my Chelsea to watch.

Sometimes it is best just to send Daddy with the boys...and stay home and do our

daisymarie said...

I'm nosey, too. Your activities sound like lots of fun...and a flower. I got banana chips. He's so unpredictable.

Barb said...

Daisy, good to have the update. Hope you get some rest on Sunday.

Tell us about those flowers.