Tuesday, February 10, 2009

good things

Helloooo, Tuesday! I love Tuesdays. American Idol...da danh daaaa!

I'll have to watch it again because I missed part of it. I don't really have a clue who didn't make it. A certain person whose name begins with G CALLED me right in the middle of the show. Get in the groove, girl. Do NOT call unless you're watching it too, and you know it's on commercial!!! LOL

Emotional Girl Tatiana made it through this round --AGAIN. What is up with that? So did Emotional Boy. The guy with his lip pierced. If you watched, you know who I'm talking about. I shouldn't talk. I'm a basket case when I watch the show. If someone cries, I cry. Sometimes I have to just not look at the screen. I look up at the ceiling and count the cobwebs or something for a minute.

And, AND, I talked to Heidi, and Mugs continues to improve. I'm so grateful. She had a full day of physical therapy and OT today, so she's a little tired tonight, but wow! She did it! And her tests keep coming back with normal blood levels of stuff. Do ya like my detailed explanation? Her "stuff" is normal.

But, WOW! Think about that. The kidneys have to be picking up the slack for that to happen, because she hasn't had dialysis for a few days. Oh, my Lord--You are good!!! I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. I told you I was a softie.

And I was so busy at work that the day just flew by. And that's a good thing. Thank You, God! Thanks for your prayers, friends and fellow bloggers.

I'm so grateful that today was filled with good things.

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MindyLew said...

I agree with you about the two drama queens on American Idol. The Emotional Girl was sooo on my last nerve - I hope she learns how to stop whining soon. LOL
I will also agree with you in thanking the Lord for answer our prayers!! God is Great and Greatly to be praised!! Have a blessed day!! :)