Monday, February 9, 2009

inconsequential notes

I typically don't watch much television, unless American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is in season. But last night was a slow, stay-at-home evening. So I did watch some of the Grammys, though, and I recorded the rest. I was very happy that Alison Krauss and Robert Plant won five Grammys for Raising Sand. That album has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it.

I had to look up some of the musicians online because I didn't even know who they were. I had to find out who M.I.A. was. That was quite an outfit for a ready-to-deliver mama-to-be.

And then when I was online, I was reading the drama about Chris Brown and Rihanna. Last night, the injured woman was identified as Rihanna, and now, she is just an "unknown woman." What is that about? Damage control? Keep the image intact? Be real. Everyone has drama. There's a difference between discretion and flat-out lying to cover someone's butt.

I liked the tribute to Bo Diddley. John Mayer blew me away. Up until tonight, all I knew about him was from articles that were ripping on him about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how talented he is. I like his voice, and he can play a guitar with the best of them.

And who is this Radiohead? Am I the only one who thinks that they are apparently overrated? Seriously. If the lead singer were trying out for American Idol with that song last night, Simon would have said it was an absolute mess! I can't believe they won anything, at least based on that song. Brilliant, my eye.

The new contestants on Dancing With the Stars were released last night. Apparently they were named a few at a time on Extreme Home Makeover...trying to compete with the Grammys. I guess I'm not on top of these things. I don't watch the news, so I don't see the commercials. I only find these things out when I'm blogging or surfing online.

It's an interesting mix, and I can already make a few predictions about who won't last.

• Belinda Carlisle, 58, singer
• Stephen "Steve-O" Glover, 34, reality-TV star
• David Alan Grier, 53, comedian
• Shawn Johnson, 17, Olympic gymnast
• Jewel Kilcher, 34, singer, TV personality
• Lil Kim, 33, rapper
• Gilles Marini, 33, actor
• Ty Murray, 39, former rodeo cowboy
• Nancy O'Dell, 42, entertainment anchor (43 when the show starts)
• Denise Richards, 37, actress
• Lawrence Taylor, 50, retired NFL player
• Chuck Wicks, 29, singer
• Steve Wozniack, 58, technology billionaire

They start March 9. I wonder if it's too early to tell the DVR to record all the shows. Here's what I think: Lil Kim will last too long, for my taste. I admit, her reputation for raunch leads me to dislike her already. She might surprise me, though.

The competition between Jewel and her husband Ty Murray will create a little heat, I think. I think your relationship would have to be pretty solid to do that and not have it affect your personal life. That show can get pretty intense.

Wozniack, Taylor, Carlisle, and Glover won't last too long. Some of these people I have NO idea who they are. But I'll learn.

It's funny. Before last year's DWTS show, I had no clue who Warren Sapp was. But I saw him on TV in some commercials on Super Football Sunday, and I'm like, "Look! It's Warren Sapp!" BUT I still have no clue what team he plays for. LOL. I'm such a dork.

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If YOU'RE a dork, then what does that make ME?? Way off the subject, but check out this cookie recipe at CindyDianne's:

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