Monday, February 2, 2009

a little progress

Mugsy was looking better when we went up to see her tonight. Her color was better, but her hands were still swollen. The doctors were making noises about cutting her wedding band off, but my niece went to work with some ice and some Vaseline and gently worked them off. She would have a fit!! I still think she never dated after her hubby died because no one could hold a candle to him in her eyes. So the rings are safe.

I guess she woke up for a few minutes last night after everyone had gone home, and she knew exactly who she was, where she was, and she was just steamed that she was in the hospital. Now that's more like my Mugs.

She opened her eyes a few more times when we were up there, and I know she recognized my honey. When they told her we were there, she said, "I know." She told him she loved him when we were leaving. YES!!! I'm so happy. It's one little step. I know she's got a ways to go, but still. This is so much better than Saturday was. I keep reminding myself, it could go either way.

Who would have thought it would make me so happy just to hear her speak those words? I've heard them a hundred times if I've heard them once from her. She always gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek when she's leaving, and she tells me she loves me. It almost made me cry to hear her say it tonight.

I'm going to swipe a quote from a Caring Bridge site I'm following because it speaks perfectly to me right now:

If all of life were sunshine, Our face would long to gain, And feel once more upon it, The cooling splash of rain. ~Henry Jackson Van Dyke

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Becky K. said...

How wonderful! I pray for complete recovery.

My Mom has been widowed for more than three years now and she says she still feels married. Some do.

I am glad they were able to spare the rings.

Take care of yourself too through all of this...