Thursday, February 26, 2009

settling in for the duration

It snowed. Again. Yesterday was warm and melty and sunny...and today we got dumped on. And next week, it's supposed to happen all over again. If only they would change the basketball tournaments to January! LOL.

People always say that we get so much snow around the time of the b-ball tournaments. My honey, though, says that it's because both his brothers' birthdays are in March, and all the snowy weather is just paybacks for that. Ha!

All I know is I'm on the downhill side of things, and if I can just hang in there a few more weeks, it'll all start to get better. When January and February are gone, I know I'll make it, even when it's snowy and blustery. It's winter's last gasp. The warm weather is a-comin'. Even though when I look outside, all I see is white.

One thing I always look forward to in the spring is buying the annuals that I put into the two half whiskey barrel planters at the end of my garden path. I usually buy a spike plant for the middle, some geraniums, some asparagus ferns, and some type of varigated ivy-ish looking plants. Traditional, I know, but I love them!

What's your favorite way to celebrate spring?


bethn said...

Ah I feel your pain. We didn't get the snow, but lots of freezing rain and now another cold stretch. My little guy is a March b-day and we have a major (think a foot or more)snow storm every year for his birthday party. And last year that was Easter weekend.

But I agree I can feel spring in the air and am ordering my perennials from all of the catalogs and counting the days.

Blessings each day said...

My PC is acting whacky, but I'll leave an extra comment (it wouldn't open any of your comment spots a minute ago). do you have any specific CDs by Chris Tomlin that you'd recommend? I, too, have the Love Dare book.
God bless you,