Friday, February 6, 2009

so seriously excited

I think it's a miracle. Mugs has left the baby steps behind. She is leaping and bounding. Oh, it's so exciting I can hardly put the words together.

Okay, now, deep breaths...hyperventilating won't help anything.

I went to meet with a couple friends tonight--we're going to get together a couple of times a month and work through one of Kay Arthur's books. I'm happy about that. But there was a call from my honey that I missed, and you know how I've been with phone calls lately. My heart skips a beat every time the phone rings.

So I quick called him back. He said he talked to Mugs on the phone, and she was totally coherent. Talked to her. Making sense. I'm not computing as he is telling me. He. talked. with. her. Whoo-eeeeee!!!

A little weak sounding, a lot tired, but she said, "Hi babe," to him. She drank three cups of coffee today. She ate jello. She even sat up on the edge of the bed!!

That's like a whole miracle in itself from the last time I saw her!! Talk about answered prayers. Thank you, God, and thank you, friends! I don't want to get optimistic too quickly, either, but even the doctor who came in to check on her was pretty tickled.

What a shot in the arm! (Well, I don't think E-girl or Gee would think that was a good thing. They never get my figures of speech. Shots in the arm are to be avoided at all costs, they would tell me.) You know what I mean.

Now if only her kidneys would start working could happen. Keep praying!


Becky K. said...

Happy Dance!

Praying that the recovery continues and is complete!


Barb said...

What wonderful news...surely will continue to pray!

bethn said...

That is fabulous news! Still praying!

Karen said...

Great news about your sister-in-law's progress. I love her comment!

Thanks for joining in on the 10 Things meme. Fresh ground coffee . . . ahhh! That would be heavenly.