Saturday, February 7, 2009

ten things i do every day

I haven't played along with a meme for a while...this one doesn't sound too complicated.

The ten things I do every day:

1. Go online. I check my email, I go on facebook, and I try to write on my blog. Then I have to visit blogs and see what my friends are up to. When I have time, I even leave some comments.

2. Make coffee. Self explanatory. Although I'll add that I grind beans fresh every morning.

3. Make oatmeal. Lately my favorite is the steel cut oats. They are the best!

4. Brush my teeth before I go to bed. An absolute must. I can't even lay down before I get that done. I just can't do it.

5. Wear my Crocs. In the winter I wear the not so cute ones with no holes, but as soon as it shows a hint of nice weather, out come the mary janes.

6. Read. I have to read something, even if it's only for a few minutes in the WC. (One of the girls is bound to ask me what the WC is.) Do I tell them? Powder room or ladies room didn't really cut it because the guys use it too. The biffy. How's that?

7. Smooch my honey. Tell my family I love them.

8. Feed the cats. If I get up at five in the morning or ten in the morning, the cats hound me until I put food in their dish. They make these mad dashes across the dining room floor if they think I'm headed toward their dish. I've fallen over them a few times. That's when I mutter under my breath again: "No new pets! When these ones go, NO MORE!" No one believes me. Sometimes not even me.

9. Bring Mr. Augie Doggie outside for his morning and then his afternoon/evening little walk to do his business. Even when it's 35° below zero. He has to go out, and I take him there.

10. Pick my nose. Blow my nose. Remember the Kleenex! Like remember the Alamo. Okay, maybe I should say stay up too late on the computer every night--till I'm too tired to make sense.

Aren't you glad there weren't twenty of these ridiculous clever babies to read? Oh, that's right. You could just stop. Stop reading and click on out. But if you really made it this far, hurray!!! You are loyal AND determined. Might I say a glutton for punishment?

Yeah, okay, I'm going to close the Daisy bashing window for the evening. People want to go home and go to bed.


Becky K. said...

I have been so tempted to post about the doggy potty dilemmas when there is a coating of ice on the potty yard and they are slipping and sliding and cannot get a good smell of just the perfect place...but I haven' is now here on your precious blog...sorry.

You brought it up. lol

Glad that Mugsy continues to improve.


daisymarie said...

Fun list...I spend a lot of time at facebook.