Thursday, February 5, 2009

watching AI, anyone?

Last night was only worth watching American Idol to see Miss Katrini Bikini go home. WHY did she get on my nerves so much? Girls who are so obvious about playing on their looks, and so smug about doing it, BOTHER me!! Eew. I just want someone to tell her to respect herself.

And that other "precious" girl. Her laugh made my teeth grit together. What the heck was her name, Tatiana? The one who whined about being thrown under the bus by her group? She wanted to change groups and then changed back. And then afterwards, she love, love, loved everyone. I WANTED to find a bus to throw her under.

And the redhead who spent most of her night growsing about everyone in her group and a few other people? And then didn't sing well anyway? Major attitude!! Puh-lease! She needed to be gone.

And the people who kept asking after the answer was no...I just think they must have gotten away with everything and must not have been given many consequences when they were little kids. I want to whap them on the back of the head--get a clue already!

They have the lamest excuses. "Oh, it's my birthday." "It would mean so much." "You don't know what this means to me." "This is my only chance." "I can sing better than that." "My throat is sore." "My mother will be crushed." "I was born to do this. Please!"

And my favorite, "I can sing something else for you. Please. Just give me another chance. I know I can do it." Um, didn't you just have a chance? If you can do it, why didn't you do it the first time? And why should you get more chances when other people had to nail it in one?

My parent voice is kicking in now. Fair is fair. And even though what's fair is not always equal, I think this qualifies. You had your turn. Go sit down. Stop whining. Change that to tired parent voice. LOL.

Now I have to wait till next week again for more fun listening to people whine. *pouting* I want to just sit down and watch the whole thing in one marathon session! Oh, whoops. That could be an opportunity for someone else's parent voice...too late. I'm done. Bye bye! E-hee-hee-hee-hee!

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Becky K. said...

It is like watching a train wreck...I am right there for it!

What is killing me is all of the bare frontage! Is that really necessary? Makes me crazy. Maybe we will have to start watching on our little tv....