Sunday, March 1, 2009

a little treasure trove

I finally made it to the little shop I've been wanting to visit: Ruby Anna's, in St. Michael. It's set up in a little old two-story house that has been converted into the cutest little store I've ever seen!

Purses and bags of all sizes, shapes and colors! There were at least a half a dozen that I could easily have happily come home with. Unfortunately my budget didn't match my thirst for purses.

Then I found the kitchen area. I know I missed half of what was in there...too much to look at. But I did find the coolest silicone funnel. It collapses to fit in your drawer and you can expand it to fill whatever...your jar or whatnot.

She carries specialty coffee and tea, and so-cute coffee mugs, and all kinds of kitchen doo-dads. Candles, pictures, home decoration, cutesy things that you don't find most other places. Loved it.

It was just like a little getaway adventure. It reminds me of Bella Vista, only more things packed into less space. It's a place I will go back to often.


Barb said...

Daisy, you are so kind...thank you for that!

Your little shop sounds lovely!!

Hugs, Barb

daisymarie said...

Sounds like a very dangerous place to visit...but quite delight-full, too!