Monday, March 9, 2009

more fun

Thanks to Gail for this funny one--same little kid. Turn up your sound for best effect. If you can watch it without laughing, you need some therapy.

ChiChi does this, well the first part, anyway, but usually it's after he's watched Kung Fu Panda.

DWTS report later. Maybe. But I got to watch most of it. I am seriously going to secretly take the phone off the hook when my shows are on. It's only an hour. They can call back! Seriously. They'll get a better conversation anyway, if I'm not trying to catch a word here and there so I know where to say uh huh. LOL

But maybe I should write it tonight. The rest of my week is pretty much booked. Tomorrow--Idol. Wednesday and Thursday, well Idol, but then my honey's ex-wife is coming over so I can teach her how to use the computer. Do not laugh. It's a long story. And it''re laughing, aren't you! I'm not explaining. Not tonight. THAT would take all night. And I have to get up early. So. Friday - we're either going out for coffee or going grocery shopping. Or both. My honey and I, just to clarify that. You can stop your snickering.

So when will I find time to write about Dancing with the Stars? Now.

First one out was Lil Kim. I missed the first half of hers, so I'll have to replay to see it. I've given up voting. I just watch for fun, so it's okay if I wait til morning to see the ones I missed. But I was a little put off of her before the show even started because of her raunchy image in her music. There's that judgmental side of me, but come. on.

Then Belinda Carlisle...and Carrie Ann compared her to Cloris. What?? Cloris was deliberately campy. Belinda just doesn't know what she's in for. Anyway, she won't last.

Gilles Marini is going to be a tough one to beat, and so is Shawn Johnson.

I like Lacey Schwimmer, but I didn't get a chance to watch her dance tonight.

The ones going home first in my opinion? Steve Wozniak, Ty Murray, and Belinda. Ty's so high up out of his comfort zone he's going to get a nosebleed.

I wish the blond Barbie from the Hefner mansion would get sent home first, but her looks will probably keep her in there for a few weeks. Sorry--there's that snotty judgmental lady jumping in with her two cents again. But I just can't imagine how she can hope to be taken seriously with that for her credentials. She's got a giggle that's almost as grating as Tatiana's.

Kay, I'm done crabbing for the night. Hafta wait till next week to find out who gets booted!


Norah said...

Hi Daisy! Well, I don't watch Idol, but just wanted to tell you I was in your area last week for a few days.. hubby found a truck there. I stayed a few extra days and babysat youngest granddaughter and visited with my 'kids'. Time went by quickly, but one day I did stop at Aldi's since I haven't been to one before. And that's all the shopping I did! Oh, except one day we stopped by some little gift shops in Zimmerman.. that was fun!

Hope you and your are well.. looks like we are finally going to get some warmer weather! woohoo!!!

daisy said...

Mmm hmm! And I'm going to be waiting for the snow to melt. In fact, I want to pull up a chair and sit and watch. That's how warm I wish it would be.

Nice to hear from you! I hope all is well--we're good on this end.