Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one of the last hurrah!s of winter

As I look out the window, huge white snowflakes are racing each other to the ground. Why they're in such a hurry, I have no idea. The ground isn't going anywhere. The snow is following hours of falling glop: freezing rain and sleet.

Actually, I LIKE rainy days. I just don't like glop. Or snow when it's next to April. April showers should mean RAIN showers, not SNOW showers. But, it's just weather. It comes, it goes. So what. I just like to complain. Ha!

I'm comforted, however, by the forecast for temperatures that are above freezing. In my mind, I can see it all melting within a couple of days. Then we'll see those flowers poke their sweet heads out of the ground. All this moisture will help them grow tall and bloom beautifully!

And when winter has been banished and spring is in full reign, this weather will be a distant memory. The anticipation makes the spring all the sweeter when it finally arrives.

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Carolyn said...

I was sooo disappointed when we didn't get any snow. They had predicted 8 - 18 inches in our area. I blog-tracked it, anticipating the beautiful snow covered pictures I would be able to take.

Rain. Nothing but stinking rain. It snowed north of us. South of us. West of us. And I gave up watching when it went east of us. Its that nuclear plant, I tell ya.

Hopefully, the weather has cleared up for you and you are enjoying warm spring days now. Its warm, but the wind is blowing pretty hard here. But, its Kansas. What else can I expect :)