Monday, March 16, 2009

wherein I have not much to say about anything at all

It's true. Unlike DeeDee's nickname for me, AKA "motormouth", I have nothing to say today. I am exhausted from this dragging-on-forever cold winter weather. I need about a week at home just to catch up, clean house, throw away stinkin' stuff, and generally get my house in order.

I go to look for things, and when I can't find them, I have no additional places on my mental map. I'm one of those people whose room looks a total mess, but who can still lay their hands on a particular item in two minutes flat. I just think for a minute, and I can remember where it should be. And 96 times out of 100, it's there.

Well, lately, that is not true. When I lose something, or put it down, I have nothing in my little brain map. I go look for it, and nada. Zip. Zero. There are a bunch of things free floating around in my house and I have no clue where they are. My stapler. Some of my favorite CDs. Storage containers.

I think it's because I've started throwing things away, and I forget that I tossed them. Something's not right. Now my kids would probably say I need to throw more things away. All I would do is just turn them around to look at their own stuff. Ha!

But until I finish cleaning up my room, I think I'm going to be discombobulated. Just thoroughly out of sync. And with the way my nights and weekends are going, there's going to be NO time to clean. None. You'd think for someone who doesn't like to clean, that would be a bonus! A great excuse. But no. It's only a good excuse when I have the time and don't want to clean. How does that work, I wonder?

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