Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wherein I wish Paula and Simon would just STOP

Good grief! Should we just call American Idol the Bickering Judges show tonight? Simon and Paula were getting on my last nerve. If I was their mother, I would have given them a hug break in the other room. Or outside. Give it a rest, already.

And Kara? She BUGS me. She's too...know it all-y, kind of cocky. Maybe it's that she takes herself so seriously. I think my dislike started a few shows ago when she was irritated with Simon and she barked at Simon to ask him if he ever shuts up. Really? Really, Kara? I just felt uncomfortable listening to that, and she doesn't seem to have any of the finesse to smooth things over after she gets in someone's face. I can't really explain it better than that except to say that when she's giving feedback, I have to hit the mute button.

Anyway, the reason I really sit in front of the boob tube on Tuesdays...the singers!!!

Michael is getting a little cocky with Simon--that's a wanna-go-home-wish, if you ask me. Not good. Every previous singer who has given him that "I know better than you do" attitude has gone bye-bye. It doesn't wear well.

I think Allison's bluesy style can fit just about any kind of music. That girl is going places in music. Whether or not she wins this.

Kris Allen's song was my favorite for the night. Wow. I kinda fell in love with country music all over again with this one. Soft but rich. Goosebumps. Mmmm.

And it was fun to hear Randy Travis give them feedback. He'd be a great judge. He has good things to say about them, and he gives them something to work on, too. In a nice way. He's gone from one of the original bad boys to one of the sweetest guys in country music.

I wasn't crazy about Lil Rounds' performance tonight. She can sing, and she's usually one of my favorites. I wasn't impressed with her version of Independence Day, though. Simon said she was like someone singing something they didn't want to do. I thought she wasn't comfortable with it. And Simon was just plain irritating with his "Little" nonsense. It could be "Lil" as in Lillian, not "Li'l" as in Little. C'mon now.

And then along came Adam! WOW! I love what he did with Ring of Fire. A little Arabian nights kind of feel. Randy Travis' reaction to him was classic! I love his straightforwardness, though. "I never saw a man wearing nail polish before," he says. He's just so honest. And for once, Kara was almost speechless. Yes!!

But Simon and Paula busted out with the bickering after Scott sang. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Shushup. Then Alexis put her own little spin on Jolene...it was okay, but she could just stand up there and smile and I would have liked it better.

Then, the rest of the show just kind of disintegrated in my brain because everyone was sitting in the living room talking and whining, and I completely lost any recollection of what happened or any coherent things I could have said.

Except for Anoop. I remember Anoop. He did a Willie Nelson song, and I think I like Anoop's better than the original. I hope my honey doesn't read this or I'll never hear the end of it! He loves Willie Nelson. But I think I'll download this one on iTunes. That was a keeper.

And the whole night I was bouncing back and forth between DWTS results and Idol. Do you know, I'm going to have to go look up online who got kicked off DWTS? Grrr.

And after that, I'm going to have to go chase the stubborn one out of her room to do the dishes. This dish night is turning into a weekly war. Every Tuesday night we butt heads. By the end of the night she's not speaking to me.

And all the other kids are more than willing to get their two cents worth in on the subject. Mmmmmmm. I'm clenching my teeth on all the sarcastic things trying to get out of my lips. I'm just going to be quiet, get out my cattle prod (figuratively speaking), and head for the battle.


Becky K. said...

I am so ready for Simon and Paula to be separated at that table. Yikes! Paula actually irritates me with her comments, clothes and attitudes all the time now.

If it weren't for the judge shananigans it would be so much better. But, I watch and enjoy the contestants...who are much more verbal this year!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone was whining in the living room last night.