Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yesterday's plans evaporated with an impromptu visit to Barnes & Noble after I made spaghetti for an early supper. We had a cup of Starbucks and lingered over our choice of reading: his, an oil painting magazine, and mine, Blue Like Jazz.

I read half of it there, delighted with what I was reading, laughing right out loud sometimes. I'll add that to my wanna-read list.

Today will be easy. After the dishes are done, I'll just swipe my to-do list from yesterday and work on that.

I'm so glad it's sunny today. Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain and snow again...winter's last fling? I hope so. It'll be April next week!!! I'm waiting with breathless anticipation for my crocuses and my purple tulips to come up!

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Barb~Bella Vista said...

Daisy, you sound like me. I am so anxious for my little plants to peek out with their pretty little heads.

Happy spring!