Thursday, March 5, 2009

zzzzzippp! another week gone!

Wow. How can this week go by so quickly when last week dragged on for, I swear, at least a month!?

Maybe it's because American Idol was on for THREE nights this week--woot woot! So they're throwing a few little twists in there to keep people guessing or something. Top 13? Since when? And a new judge? It's so hard to decide if I like her or not. I don't know what her "thing" is yet.

Does it mean that one of the judges is leaving? I hear that Paula's contract will be up after this season. Maybe they're training in her replacement. Who knows? All I know is the judges are just as much fun to watch as the contestants are. Did you catch the little way Paula was batting at Simon, and the snake bite arm-twisting thing she did to him? So funny. Reminds me of when I was a kid, trying without success to hurt my big brother when he picked on me.

I can't see Randy or Simon grabbing Kara and planting a big kiss on her the way Simon has done to Paula. I wouldn't really call her alternative. In fact I'm not sure how I would describe her. She's more of a tomboy. Definitely not a girly girl in the way that Paula is. She comes across as ultra-confident, more than slightly opinionated, but I think she's pretty smart, too. A modern day Maureen O'Hara! Resourceful.

How about this? If she hadn't gone into music, I could see her as a geeky technology junkie. She would be like Ross in Friends. She knows so much about something she's passionate about, and doesn't even care if it's relevant to what other people think about.

And Anoop made it through! I like Anoop. I wish miss Minnesota girl, Jesse, would have made it through. I think she's got a future in entertainment somewhere. At least I hope she does! I'd buy her CD today. A little Bonnie Raitt flavor, but more sultry. I just found out tonight that she is Jonny Lang's sister. Good pipes must run in the family.

So here are my top three picks at this point:

Lil Rounds
Allison Iraheta
& Adam Lambert

I also like Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace. It's kind of hard to remember Alexsis from three weeks ago, but I do remember liking her.

I'm indifferent about Jorge, Michael, Scott, Jasmine, Megan and Jasmine. No strong feelings one way or another. But I could easily have given any one of them up for the two I was most disappointed about: Jesse Langseth and Ju'not Joyner.

The two I'm happiest didn't make it?

Tatiana and Nathaniel. I don't think there's a place for drama queens in this competition. Take that to the theater.

Johnny couldn't believe that American Idol was on again tonight. ANOTHER night? What!? he says. AGAIN??? And he was even more pleased (not)when I reminded him that Dancing With the Stars starts next week. Yee-aaah! I'll be lucky to blog at all until this is over. If you don't hear from me, don't worry. I'm not suffering. I'm just having Jell-o for the mind three nights a week. One night of Bible study, one night of grocery shopping, two weekends, and there you go. Two weeks at a time--gone. No spare time.

But I am reading! I'm partway through Breaking Dawn. I carry it in the car with me so I can read every time I'm waiting for something. I don't want it to be over...I'm trying hard to savor every page.

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Becky K. said...

It was a fun week with American Idol. I thought things turned out "pretty much" right.

They certainly got all of the drama they could want out of, she made me crazy!

Have a fun weekend!