Saturday, April 4, 2009

a beautiful day

Today is chilly, but it's sunny out. It feels like spring, somehow. And we're supposed to be back up to around 50° by the middle of next week. It's like we got just a teaser of nicer weather, and then it snowed again. Now we're working our way back up the thermometer.

I peeked at the tulip bed yesterday but didn't see anything yet. I'm so antsy! I want to clear the leaves away so I know when they start to poke up out of the ground, but I know it's better if I leave it alone for now. We could still get snow.

I can smell the coffee that's brewing and the bacon and grits that my honey is cooking. I got to sleep in today until nine something. I don't have to work today, so I can putter away at my mess here at home. I get to watch my little ChiChi man. Heavenly!


Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful and delicious morning at your home. Never had grits though being from the "North" ;-) Not sure I'd like them but hope you enjoyed them!

I can barely wait until Spring hits in full bloom too. I don't have any tulips coming up, but I can imagine your anticipation to see it all come to life before your eyes.

Enjoy your day off!

daisy said...

Have you ever had cream of wheat? Grits are similar. Not the same, but enough to get the idea. It's made from corn, so the flavor is a bit different.

You have some grits ladled onto a plate, top them with a couple of over-easy eggs, and lay a couple of bacon strips on top of that. Paradise on a plate!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Daisy, lovely post!!

Thanks for coming to Bella Vista and your lovely are so sweet.