Sunday, April 19, 2009

bits and bites

I got to see 17 Again today--loved it, loved it, loved it. I took E-girl to the movies, just the two of us. She predicted half the things in the movie, and I managed to not cry. If I had been watching it at home, I might have.

It's a perfect sappy movie with some hysterically funny parts in there, too. I always love a movie with a great geek in it. You know the tall skinny guy in Notting Hill who went out on the steps and flexed for the photographers in his underwear? The geeky guy in this movie tops that. Yes!

"Movie laugh, Mom! Shh..." she kept telling me. We were almost the only ones in the place on a Sunday night. Who cares if I'm loud? Laughing out loud makes me feel good, anyway. Ah, it was good times.

Let's see...what else did we do this weekend. Well, on Saturday, we went to little Monty man's first birthday party. What an absolute ZOO. There were I swear, at least fifteen little kids and probably that many adults, as well, all crammed into a little tiny one bedroom apartment. You could not hear someone sitting next to you say something. It brought back memories of when all the kids were home.

I wish I could say we left as soon as possible, but we didn't. We stayed in the madness for over two hours. Gak.

Now tonight, I should have finished cleaning out the stuff in the dining room...Johnny set up my new desk. It's just fabulous...there's space for everything desk-related. Like DeeDee said, it's like my own little office cubicle right here at home. Why yes, yes it is. Now I just need my own little comfy office chair to sit on and I can live at the desk. Ha!

And Gee went back to college after the weekend. I have bad news, GeeGee girl. I took the Friends Season 3 out of your bag to watch it last night, and I kinda forgot to put it back in before you left. :( But guess what! If you bring Season 5 home with you next weekend, I'll give you back 3 and 4. I know, I know. I'm breaking the rules by having two seasons at once. But just bring home Season 5 and all will be well!! :D Love you too, chickie!


Becky K. said...

Laugh out is great for you...unless you are right behind me in a theatre and you laugh at all the wrong times...then it is not so good for you...

Just kidding!

Definitely laugh!!!!

bethn said...

If you can't laugh at a movie surrounded by strangers when can you laugh? Good for you. Keep laughing!

Sue said...

I'll go to the movies with you and LOL... hubby and I always forget we're in a theater and laugh as if we were in our family room at home. I'm sure we drive people crazy around us. Oh well. We totally enjoyed 17 Again too!