Monday, April 20, 2009

kitties gone wild...

I think it must be a little spring fever or something. The cats are coming out of their usual laid-back routines and they are berserkifying me. Ya like that word? I just made it up.

Franklin is back to his terroristic activities. He's being a bully again. He's so mean to Charli-mama.

At 4:30 or 5 this morning--RIGHT outside my BEDROOM DOOR, out of a dead sleep I heard this earsplitting screeching and snarling, and then I heard this thumping against the wall as Franklin was whomping Charli-mama up one side and down the other.

It puts me in a state, I tell you. An instant 0 to 60 rage in one second. This morning I flew up out of bed, tripped over my feet getting to the door and stepping on the sharp tail of one of ChiChi's leftover dinosaurs in the process, and WHIPPED the door open, only to see Franklin and Tucker hightailing it down the hall. I took one step out the door, and they ran...FOR THEIR FOOD DISH!

I was shouting down the hall at them. Anyone who was awake would have thought I was an absolute lunatic. "Do you honestly think I am going to FEED you and REWARD you for giving me cardiac arrest at FIVE O'CLOCK in the stinkin' MORNING??! GLL...raauugh...oh, snickety pickets! Just FORGET IT!!" They sat by their dish and peered around the corner at me with their eyes all huge. I must have been a sight...eyes scrunched up so I could barely see, hair flying all directions, so tired that the words weren't even coming out of my mouth right. Oooh, I was so mad.

I put Charli-mama in the bathroom and slammed the door shut so Frankie couldn't get at her again until DeeDee got up to feed her. I shut my bedroom door and limped back to my side of the bed muttering under my breath about cats.

So what, now? They are so used to my getting up early to feed them that they think they will start the process early when they're a little hungry? Just make a ruckus and I'll come running to feed them? I'll fix them.

I'm going to stick a full squirt bottle right by my door before I go to bed. The next time they pull that--PSSSTTT--SST--PSST--PPSSTTTT!! I'll drench them! They'll be too busy giving themselves a bath to have time to harass Charli. And maybe I'll make them go catch mice for their breakfast.


daisymarie said...

Thank you for this. This was a real wake up call--one cat only and no mixing cats and dogs. I don't need a rude wake up to drive that home.

I hope they get over themselves and let you sleep!

Sue said...

Oh my! I had to laugh because my cats used to drive me insane like that as well. Funny how now that they're gone I can't fully remember how much I hated them some days. I likened it to a mother/daughter relationship in the end. I love them but they make me crazy all at the same time!

Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight! (and check the toy situation before you shut off the lights ;-))


Becky K. said...

Is it wrong that I found this slightly amusing???

Our male cat has to be inside at night or else he starts meowing/howling at the first crack of dawn...right outside our window.

He thinks he should just party all night and then come in then and take a nap...

bethn said...

Oh, I just had to laugh at that. Our cats do the same thing some mornings. The squirt bottle's a great idea. Good luck tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! I was wondering how Charli got into the bathroom so early with the door shut. I can totally picture you. Franklin is lucky I didn't hear him and get up, beating up my Charli, lol.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Daisy, I hate to hear cats fighting....makes me totally nuts.