Tuesday, April 28, 2009

oh, my! willy's 30 today!

I know, I know. No one calls him Willy anymore. But he's still my Willy-boy. I think it's amazing when I look at his little bitty baby pictures, and try to figure out where the years went. Was it really thirty years ago? It sure doesn't seem like that long. It's almost like last week or so. Ha! (Well, maybe part of it is that memory issue I get now and then! LOL)

If he were small again, and I could know what I know now, I would spend more time playing with him. I would have more patience, and be more understanding of his need to conquer, climb and explore. I would have worried less. I would have laughed at myself more. But I wanted to do it "right" so badly. I gripped parenthood with clenched fists so I could master it. I think I squeezed a lot of the fun out of it!

But that is the essence of parenthood...learning how to be a good mom, or a good dad. Doing those things with your children. And if you're lucky, you get it right sooner rather than later.

But now, it's his turn. He has five awesome kids, and it's his time to take them places, do things with them, and teach them as well as he can! And I get to be the gramma--not much in the way of responsibility, but lots of enjoyment!

Hmmmm...so THAT'S the payback we get! It just clicked for me.

We put in all that work, and right about when they grow up and get past all those yucky stages, they move away. It sucks! But then.....grandbabies! The parents get to work, we simply enjoy! They struggle, we snuggle. God is a GENIUS!

Happy Birthday, my Willy-boy! I love you so much!


Dee said...

I think I am the only one who does call him Willy still, hee hee.

Almost Precious said...

Time goes by all too quickly. Our little chicks get their wings and soon fly away to build their own nests, raise their own chicks and all is good with the world...as God meant it to be. :)