Monday, April 6, 2009

the simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY, Monday, April 6...I'm enjoying the slow pace of the morning.

Outside my window... a back yard that is starting to show the leftovers of a cold windy winter season...flotsam and jetsam everywhere

I am thinking... what a complicated day it could turn out to be. My honey is not doing well today. He's just not himself lately. I stayed home to take care of my little ChiChi boy this morning, and I'm trying to get dinner ready to go in the oven tonight so it's easy for my honey to do if I stay at work a little later. I think I'll try to go in around noon when little man goes for a nap.

I am thankful for... grandchildren who brings me delight every day.

From the kitchen... a blissfully clean counter...dishes are done! I'm working on putting together my stuffed shells. Forty minutes in the oven tonight and voilĂ ! Dinner!

I am wearing... my pajamas still, thinking about what I'm going to wear to work later.

I am creating... scrapbook page designs in my mind for next weekend. I'm going to Luvvy's for the day on Saturday to get some scrapping and cardmaking done.

I am going... to work on the Fireproof study this week with my honey.

I am reading... Tanya Huff, Jodi Picoult, Kay Arthur, and the Bible. Not all at once. :)

I am hoping... for good weather this weekend. The kids will be home for Easter dinner on Sunday, and it'd be fun to have an Easter egg hunt in the back yard for the babies.

I am hearing... my Augie doggie make "go outside" noises. Does it tell you anything about how he's doing if I say I have to bribe him with treats to go outside and go potty? He's getting up there. I think he's about thirteen, and he's not moving around so well anymore either. 'S part of life, I guess.

Around the house... it's fairly quiet. My honey is resting, the baby is playing with dinosaurs, and everyone else has gone off to work or to school.

One of my favorite things... getting to spend a little time blogging when there are no distractions.

A few plans for the rest of the week: pick away at a few cleaning projects and try to get something done each day. Saturday I got my entire stove clean...the oven, under the burner plates, and the burner...what do you call them, grates? AND I totally cleaned off the counter between the dining room and the kitchen, the one that usually ends up as the clutter collector extraordinaire! We'll see how long it lasts. *grin*

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

My two buddies: Hubba (yes, it's a blue sock monkey--from Barb's little shoppe, of course) and ChiChi. They both look so serious! LOL

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Mandy said...

Hi! Great Daybook post. And I am so coming for dinner! LOL I love Stuffed shells - they are my favorite, however, I don't know how to make them myself! Silly, I know!

Sue said...

Sounds like a busy week at your place. Wanna come clean my stove burners too? ;-)

Have a great week!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Daisy, I like this post. Really lets me inside your head.