Monday, April 27, 2009

while i'm on the subject of horses...

I recently received some Bella Sara trading cards and toys in the mail to review.

I remember buying baseball trading cards when I was a kid, and you always got a stick of bubble gum in there. If you didn't get any cards you liked, you still had the gum so you felt like you got something out of the deal. I wasn't crazy about baseball, but I still liked opening the package, wondering whose cards I would get.

These little Bella Sara cards are the cutest trading cards for young girls, especially those girls who are horse-lovers. If they had had these around when I was a kid, you know I would have been buying these instead.

They have trading cards with the individual magical horse characters on there, and they are beautiful! They come in all my favorite shades of purple, pink and every iridescent color in between. They are just beautiful. Can you tell I'm just a big kid at heart? And each pack of cards comes with directions for a little game that can be played with the Bella Sara cards, as well.

There are little packages that you can purchase that have adorable little collectible horse figurines--many different characters. I would have loved these when I was young...and I could still see collecting them as a gramma now, and sitting down and playing with my grandbabies once they get past the toddler stage. You just don't want to let the babies get their hands on the little pieces.

On the Bella Sara website, kids can play special Bella Sara games, enter special codes from the Bella Sara trading card packages, see all the different Bella Sara horse characters, and do other fun things. There's a 15% discount coupon for Target that you can print out. In fact, right now there is a contest where children can enter to win a Bella Sara treasure hunt for themselves and their friends. The giveaway ends this week, April 30, so hurry on over there to enter.

Look for this:

Then click on back here to enter my drawing to win some free Bella Sara samples for your special little person! It's so easy...leave me a comment on this post, and make sure I have a way to reach you (email or blog). I'll be drawing two winners at the end of the week, thanks to the generosity of the Bella Sara folks. And the best part is, they are mailing them out!! Yay! If you've been reading here for very long at all, you know how well I do at that part of it. :(

Good luck~!

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