Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bad news, good news, it's all the same

The bad news is that American Idol and Dancing With the Stars are both over. The good news is that it gives me more time to watch other Mall Cop! Yes, I did. I loved it! And you were right, Sue. I did feel for him. But it all worked out in the end! Now that was a feel-good ending.

And even better, I rented it for free from Redbox, and we actually watched the whole thing tonight. It's nothing short of a miracle.

Now let me tell you how it usually goes. I get a code for a free movie. I rent the movie. We don't watch it. I think, "Oh, it's only a dollar. I should keep it another day so I get to watch it."

Another day goes by. We don't watch it. Now I have money invested in this, and I can't bring it back.

Go back and read that last paragraph. Read it about eight times. Yeah. Finally I bring it back because it's costing me a fortune and the next three weeks are so busy I can't see daylight. WOT for sure. (Waste of time.)

And unfortunately, if I keep it long enough to watch it, I'll own it! Once you keep that sucker for 25 days, it's yours! They just wrap it up, stick a bow on it, and charge you 25 bucks. Plus tax. Do not pass Go, and do not return this movie.

They got me once on that. And on a movie I didn't really like, to boot. Grrr!

Okay, so back to the bad news. I only have one more free code, and then I have to start paying again. But the good news is, the new season of So You Think You Can Dance is on, and so is...drumroll please, Here Come the Newlyweds!!!

Boy oh boy, have I turned into a reality show junkie. What's happened to me?? The reading machine's brain has fried, and now has to resort to visiting veggie land in couch potato world.

But seriously here. Here Come the Newlyweds?!? C'mon people! Did anyone watch it Monday night? Oh, they're up to their sneaky tricks again. They tease the poor broke couples with tons of money, and watch them fall all over themselves for it. Then after they take the bait, BAM! They get voted off by the other couples. It happened last season, too.

But this time, there is a couple that better get voted off muy pronto. That would be the Oskowskis. Their description says they are "addicted to fitness," but really I think they're just stuck on themselves. It's not a pretty sight. The guy is such a creep. "We're definitely the most dynamic couple..." He's just a bully, and I want someone to throw him into the pool, and MISS! In case you didn't watch it, he is a big guy, and he was strutting around flexing his pecs. Then he picked up the scrawny Smith guy and winged him into the pool to embarrass him. Jerk.

The Smiths took the money and got voted off. BUT, the brawny bully guy and his wife were the other ones with the most votes to get kicked off. Too bad it wasn't the other way around. I don't like people who pick on other people.

So when my busy life fails to completely consume me, I watch these people who have nothing better to do than hang out on the set of the show and try to outmaneuver everyone else out of the money. I like that the vote comes the same night of the show. Ties up less of my week. Talk about having nothing better to do. LOL.


Sue said...

We are kindred spirits my friend. I too was watching Here Come the Newlyweds again this year. I am a total reality t.v. junkie so much so that I even watched (and only this once I promise) the hideous new show called "Hitched or Ditched". In this latest train wreck of reality a couple who can't decide if they should get married go through the entire planning process only to end up at the altar and either get hitched or be ditched. Last night... the girl got ditched (which was a blessing because they shouldn't be together) but tragic because there she is in white wedding gown, left at the altar. Sick! Who thinks up this stuff???

Glad you enjoyed Paul Blart! I like Kevin James. People at work tell hubby he looks like him (which doesn't thrill him mind you but I can see a little similarities in their head/faces) but not bodies!

Have a great day! Hugs (and sorry for the novel!)

daisymarie said...

I really like So You Think You Can Dance. I'm quite happy the new season just began!