Sunday, May 17, 2009

cooking vs baking

Let me just say: I HATE to cook. But. I love to bake.

In fact, I will go so far as to say I should not be allowed to cook. I have almost set the house on fire at least THREE times with my cooking. Today was the latest episode. I was trying to cook three things at once.

Well, I guess that might have been my first mistake. But I wanted to get done as fast as possible, because there were many more fun things to get to. Like cleaning the cats' litter box, and scrubbing the burner grates on the stove! Did I already say I hate to cook?

So I was heating some olive oil in a pan so I could brown some garlic in it. It was for pouring over the pasta when that was done. The other pan was just simmering away, minding its own business.

I was making a recipe out of my honey's favorite Italian cookbook. Giambotta, I think it was called. Something like that. Sausage, chicken, potatoes and peppers. And I was getting frustrated because the potatoes were not getting done. I kept messing with them...adding a little water to try and steam them, and in the meantime, the peppers and the chicken were getting overdone.

All of a sudden, I realized that the garlic had turned to tiny little black briquets in the bottom of the pan. Doggone it! I needed that to be done already. Oh, well. I shut the burner off so the pan could cool before I tried it again. Then I got impatient.

I poured some water into the pan, to cool it off, of course. BIG mistake! It flamed up in a second! I panicked and tried slapping it out with the potholder in my hand. That did not help a bit. I was twisting my brain like a wet sponge to squeeze the info out about what to do with it. Not that long ago, I watched a youTube video of what to do if that happened.

Oh yes!! Wet kitchen towel. Where's a towel? Quick! In the drawer? No. They're in the wash. Oh, shoot. Help. Oh, whew, the flames went out on their own. WOW! did my adrenaline kick up in a hurry!

Do you see what I mean? Should not cook.

Well, just for your information, here is the video I saw. It's quick, and it's good. Let this be my public service announcement for the day! Just remember: Wet Kitchen Towel.

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Sue said...

Wow! I'm glad you weren't hurt or had any major damage but I bet it scared you silly! I haven't had any accidents YET in my kitchen but I'm so glad to know now what to do and what NOT to do. Bless that poor woman's heart in the video :-(