Monday, May 11, 2009


I know, I know. I've been AWOL from my blog.

The scoop since I posted last...

Gail is back home for the summer--hooray!

John was only teasing when he told me he's out of here in two weeks--yippee! We want to keep him around a little longer, too.

Mother's Day came and went--yea! I'm not a big holiday fan, if you haven't picked up on that. They stress me out. Plus, I don't like a big deal made about me. Even church on Mother's Day is a stretch. They say a lot of sappy nice things about moms, and have you stand up so they can clap for you...all very sweet, but it makes me want to RUN for the car. Because sure as shootin', they're gonna make me cry. I HATE that.

Anybody else hate crying in public?

It's not like I have any control over it. Just poke the right emotional button, or say something sentimental, and here come the waterworks. Or if someone else starts crying? It's over. I'll lose it.

Some people are cute know those people. I hate 'em. Their eyes water a little, and it just makes their eyes look bigger and their eyelashes look darker. Huh. NOT ME. When I'm done, my face looks all red and blotchy for about an hour, like I have a huge case of hives. What about that could a person possibly like?

If I'm gonna cry over anything, I would like to do it at home. By myself.

But back to Mother's Day...DeeDee and Gail took me to Lillian's on Saturday for Mother's Day and bought me a purse. I picked out a shiny hot pink suitcase-sized purse. You will certainly see me coming!! And I found the greatest wallet. It's pink as well, and it's the biggest wallet I've ever seen! It's awesome.

My honey says the older a woman gets, the bigger the purse she carries. I think he's right. This one is even big enough to carry my Bible and book for Bible study, and still not look like it's full. LOL.

Next year, I think I'll get a purple purse. I'll be fifty, you know, and I'm going to find a Red Hat Club to join. Red hats and purple purses. I can't wait.


daisymarie said...

I want to get a new purse, but just can't make myself spend the money. Pink and purple though might help me loosen the grip on my wallet! giggles.

I gave up stressing about crying in public...I'm messy and sentimental...I just keep the tissues handy!

Becky K. said...

That is funny, we were just talking about "ugly criers" vs Pretty ones. I am definitely an ugly one. I try to hold it in and then my whole face wrinkles up and I get a headache.


Sounds like your family loves and appreciates you! Awesome!

bethn said...

I am such an ugly crier too. My problem is that I also cry at the drop of a hat. There are even hymns at church that I just leave before we get to it, then I won't be sobbing loudly in church.

I love pink purses! Mine is yellow, but tiny. I keep thinking I need to get a bigger yellow one. It reminds me of spring and sunshine.

Sue said...

Cute post and welcome back :-) All I could think of when you were talking about crying was how Oprah described the "ugly cry" and then proceeded to show her face all scrunched up with this horrific face on the t.v. screen. I think most of us are 'ugly criers' ;-)

Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day even if you hate the fuss! Sounds like your kids totally appreciate you and enjoy making a fuss over you!