Sunday, May 3, 2009

the troubles I get into...

I went to get gas today, and I was sure I had a coupon for a free coffee in my purse, but I couldn't find it when I fished through there the first time.

I decided to pay inside because you can't pay at the pump when you want to use gas coupons, and I had enough coupons for 44¢ off a gallon, up to twelve gallons. That sounded like a good deal to me. Now, I may not use these coupons like a savvy shopper, because instead of thinking about how much less I'll be paying, I think about what I can buy that comes up to what I would have spent without the coupons. LOL.

Wait!! That's probably exactly what they want you to do! Awwww! I fell into the marketing trap. I am not smarter than the average bear. *sigh*

Well, anyway, I got the gas going and went back and opened my door so I could fish around some more and look for my coupon. I'm all about free stuff, so I wasn't going to give up.

While I was digging in there, I came across an orange at the bottom of my purse. Don't laugh! It made its way in there during the week when I was fishing through my lunch bag and needed a place to put my orange. Then I thought I'd eat it on my way home from work that day, so I left it in there.

Okay, so I came across it, and it was getting a little wrinkly looking. But you know, I thought it might still be okay, so I just held it in my hand while I kept fishing for this elusive coupon. Sheri just gave it to me. I know it couldn't have gone far.

I'm fishing, and I'm fishing, and pretty soon the gas pump stops. The tank is full. I still haven't found the coupon. Fine. I gave up looking and made sure my gas coupons and my wallet were still in my hand. I put my purse on the floor, locked the doors and went into the gas station.

By this time, I've been thinking about that coffee so long that I was determined to have one anyway. A small one, since I didn't find that coupon. *grrr* I got my little bit of cream in the cup, a little bit of fake French Vanilla cappuccino, and topped it off with what was left of the decaf coffee. Put my lid on, and headed for the cash register.

I was standing there, when I realized that I STILL had my wrinkled orange in my hand. To my dismay, I also saw a basket of oranges for sale, right next to me as I was standing in line. Oh, heavenly days!

Now what? Tell the cashier that I mistakenly carried this orange in from my car? What normal person does that, for crying out loud? Do I explain this whole elaborate thing to her? Show her the difference between my orange and theirs? Oh, my. I can just see it.

She would think this deranged lady was trying to scam them out of an orange. You know what you think when someone explains something waaay too much. You think they're making it up! Okay, not a good option.

Should I pretend I just picked it up and pay for it? (Again?) When it's wrinkled and I may not eat it anyway???? No way! That would be beyond foolish. This all flashed through my mind in a matter of seconds, mind you.

There was only one option left. I casually glanced to my right and then to my left, and checked out the people around me in my peripheral vision. Nobody was watching me, so I just nonchalantly dropped the orange into their basket full of oranges, just as if I had changed my mind about buying it. It was a brilliant move!

See, no one will buy it, because it's wrinkled and yucky looking next to their fresh oranges that haven't been beat up by keys and flashlights. I don't have to go through a huge rigamarole and embarrass myself trying to explain something so crazy. (Although my kids would understand it in a heartbeat. LOL.) They can just throw the orange away when no one buys it. Problem solved!

OH! the problems an absentminded person can get into!!


Becky K. said...

Oh my, how funny.

Well, you left things a bit better than you found them.

Bet that doesn't happen every day!

karen said...

if the clerk saw you walk in with the orange, she probably thinks you're a domestic terrorist and the orange and video of you are likely on the way to the CIA at this very moment! I'm going to turn on the news right now! ;) (... and I would so do something like this!) xo

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Daisy, how funny....but you handled it well.


Sue said...

That was too funny. I was waiting for you to have locked yourself out of the car on top of all that - hee hee. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of that store to see the look on their faces when they see that wrinkly old orange - hee hee

Thanks for the giggle!

Crazy Daisy said...


Karen said...

I was waiting for you to be locked out of the car, too! But that would have been MY move;) I agree, I'm sure the people watching the surveillance tape wondered what in the heck is this woman doing? LOL Thanks for the laugh to start my day.

Almost Precious said...

Great humor. Oh so human, think we can all relate ! Thanks for the good chuckle. hee hee. :D

Magpie said...


did you get the coffee?

daisy said...

I did! But not for free. :(

Terry said...

Howdy ,
just wanted to ride by and wish you a very blessed Mothers Day !

karen said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Daisy! xo