Saturday, May 16, 2009

video of the year

Taylor, who is my daughter Gail and her boyfriend Casey's friend, made this beautiful video for them...Casey and Taylor were so sneaky to be able to pull this off without Gail knowing ANYTHING about it ahead of time.

I knew the day before, and it was a good thing it wasn't any longer than that, because I would have burst open at the seams if I couldn't tell anyone! Casey's been planning it for a while, so it was much harder on him. Taylor's known the longest. They are some pretty good secret keepers. I think I could tell them where the dead bodies are buried, and no one would ever find out. LOL. Just a figure of speech, kids. No worries.

So anyway, Gail thought she and Taylor were just going along to help Casey move his stuff out of the house he lived in this school year now that finals are done. She was a little crabby about having to go with because she had stuff she wanted to do at home.

And then, Casey told her that they were going to go down by the river because Taylor wanted to take some pictures.

Of course, she played right into it, because she's just like, "WHAT?? Are you kidding me?! Can't we just get this stuff packed up and get home?"

But the boys insisted. So down they went to the park by the river, and Gail being Gail, went along to humor them. And then the fun started. Just watch the video. FYI, Linda is Casey's mom, and Pat is his dad. My honey and I were in the know...but only from the day before. :)

You might want your tissue handy.


Sue said...

That is just precious! How wonderful to have it all documented so beautifully. Loved the look on Gail's co-worker's face - LOL

Thanks for sharing this special time with us all in blogland :-)

daisy said...

Absolutely! And thank you!!

Oh! I should add that Linda is Casey's mom, and Pat is his dad. Makes it even better!

Crazy Daisy said...

I saw the video on facebook earlier today and Totally cried. Yeah. I'm such a girly girl :) haha! However didn't then know who Linda and Pat were... now, as you said, it is way way better! Thanks for sharing! This is awesome!

karen said...

yep, it made me cry. they are so so young ... isn't is wonderful? so much ahead of them. just beautiful. this made me smile ... i'm still smiling. congrats again!