Monday, May 25, 2009

weekend update

It's the end of a five day weekend for me! I think I got a nice amount of work done--cleaning the house, sorting out paperwork, straightening up, planting the marigolds and flowers for the two whiskey barrels at the end of the driveway, transplanting the hydrangea from the overcrowded spot to a spot where it can spread out and breathe, and weeding, weeding, weeding. It makes me tired just thinking about a good way, though.

I stayed up late every single night. Like two or three in the morning late. AND, I got to sleep in most of the time. Yes!! I didn't feel like a slug every day. I am dreading going back to getting up early again. :( I function so much better when I get to sleep in.

It was mostly a move-more, eat-less, kind of weekend. That's what my doc told me I needed to do when I had my recent physical. She also prescribed blood pressure meds, which made me very apprehensive. So far, I haven't taken them. I look at that list of side effects and I totally freak out. I'm trying some natural things first, and making a point of getting regular exercise. I'll see how I'm doing in a month, and I'll think about it then. I'm just barely over the line, so I have a good chance of this working.

The kids were gone for much of the weekend. It was so quiet! A sneak preview of the empty nest that is just down the road a couple of years. We watched two movies over the weekend! That has to be a record. It's usually too noisy to watch one all the way through.

First we watched Not Easily Broken. That one was okay. The story line was kind of jerky, and the way the pieces came together didn't really ring true for me, but it was a good story. It had a happy ending, which I like. It's a Tyler Perry type movie, but not as smooth.

Last night, though, we watched Seven Pounds. Oh. My. Gosh. That was so intense. Will Smith has come a long way as an actor from the Fresh Prince of Belair. Amazing. It wasn't your typical happy ending, but it was an ending that was cohesive with the rest of the film. The story held together. What was really interesting was the way you had to piece it together as the movie went on. It wasn't a "feel-good movie", though. I don't know. You just have to see it and decide for yourself.

There's one more I'd like to see right now: Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Maybe next weekend. Has anyone seen that one? It sounds funny. The only comment I've read about it that sticks in my head is that most security guards don't like the way he portrays the guard. Whether that's true or not, I have no idea. Kevin James just cracks me up...I think it'll be good.

Life has been busy, and between getting Pearl moved and working on the house, it seems like the days just go by in a flurry of activity. I'm excited for Pearlie, though, because even though her apartment became uninhabitable because the kitchen sink backed up and got water all over the apartment, it was the perfect impetus to get her moving on trying to buy a house instead. It's a great time to buy if you can.

Gail has a summer job at a local daycare teaching toddlers. Perfect job for her right now. She can add the experience, variety and responsibility to her resume. Plus, the kids will love her! She is the one who used to come home from a weekend or an evening of babysitting her seven cousins, and all she could say was, "They are soooo cute!!" The kids could have run her ragged, and she'd still be saying that. It's a calling. Cuz lemme tell ya. My phone is definitely not ringing on that one.

Erica is traipsing off across the country on vacation with her friend's family. She's going to get to see Wyoming, Arizona, and whatever else is between. I'm happy for her. I remember going on vacation with one of my friends when I was in elementary school. Well, maybe it was junior high, because I can't imagine my mom being willing to let me go when I was in elementary.

However, she did let me go to Finland, Sweden and Norway for a month the summer I was fifteen. I earned the money the year before I went. All I needed was $1000. That's amazing, when you think about it. That paid for my flight, my visas, my was a charter flight, so I think it was a little cheaper.

And I stayed with my sister for a week, who was teaching English there. I stayed with my penpal for a week, and the other two weeks, I traveled around with some people from our church. We stayed at people's homes, so we didn't spend much on food or lodging. It was an amazing summer.

But thinking back, now, I wonder what my mom was feeling. I was the youngest of seven. My next oldest brother was almost 19 so he was making noises about moving out. The next oldest one was ten years older than that, so the oldest five were out of the house already. My mom had to be almost at the same point that I am now.

Well, it's going to be interesting as the nest empties. I think I'm going to be lonesome at times, but I also think I'm going to be doing some different things than I have been able to for a long time. Even just watching a movie all the way through.

Oh, wait. I still can't do that. LOL. I am the one who is always getting up and going out of the room to do whatever--let the dog out, feed the cats, get some ice water, go to the bathroom--that would be me.

But we made it all the way through and didn't have to say, "Would you please go make noise in the other room?!?" There is something to be said for that.

Okay, the cats are bugging me. I must need to feed them before I get ready for bed. So much for late nights!


daisymarie said...

Trying to catch up! So much going on for you.

Terry said...

Wow you really have a lot going on.
That was one amazing post .You may need to get back to a routine after all those late nights you had :)
Thank you for sharing.
Blessings of joy to you .

Sue said...

We just saw Paul Blart on the weekend and it was really cute. You really feel for Kevin James' character at the beginning of the movie.

Have a great week!