Friday, June 26, 2009

busy day

I got up this morning when my alarm went off, shut it off, and jumped back into bed! I didn't get up until 9:30 am. Wow, did that feel good. Especially when I didn't get to bed until almost 2:00 am. I stayed up watching Michael Jackson videos on youTube.

But I spent the better part of today messing around with the IKEA room planner software figuring out what I'm going to need in my kitchen. I know, I know...that doesn't get any walls ready to paint. It's like whistling Dixie. It passes the time.

But it's so cool, because you can rearrange the room however you like, and then look at a 3-D view of the room the way you put it. You measure your room, add in the windows and doors, and then pick out your furniture.

And then I "checked out" to see what I would need to buy to put the kitchen together: $4,235.92. That's with almost the most expensive cabinet fronts. Is that an average price for kitchen cabinets, I wonder?

But if you want to work with what you already have, you can use the Better Homes & Gardens Arrange-A-Room site. You can customize the room and then save your room so you can go back to it later. Fun toys!

But my honey did make some good progress on the wall. He is a bit of a perfectionist, and the walls are going to be beautiful! I can see them done in my mind! In color!

There are a lot of virtual sites online where you can try out paint colors to see what a whole room would look like painted in your colors. I like the Pittsburgh Paints Voice of Color page, where they ask you a bunch of questions...almost like a personality test or something. Then they come up with a top choice and a second choice of color families for you.

It was pretty close! My top choice was al fresco, and the second one was almonds & honey.

I started putting pages in my dream book. It seems like so much busy work and I feel as if I'm not getting any real work done. But I have to visualize it before I can do it, and this helps me put my thoughts in order, and nail down what I want to do.

Once I figure it out, I can put it all in one place so I can review it and learn it, so I can plan the project. Otherwise it all stays in my mind in the realm of possibilities like a constantly shifting landscape, and it never becomes a concrete entity.

What's that one quote? If you can perceive it, and then believe it, you can achieve it. In other words, dream on!

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