Monday, June 15, 2009

a good cause!

Maggie Doyne is one of my heroes. My friend Karen has been sending us all off to vote for Maggie in the contest sponsored by DoSomething.Org.

Maggie is the awesome 22-year-old woman who started the Kopila Valley Children's Home in Nepal because she couldn't bear to NOT do something for these children. Here she tells about her journey.

I am still so amazed by her. At 22, I was a mess. I was a young mom who didn't know beans. Maggie? Amazing.

She has a heart for these kids...they live with her in this home in Nepal. She has volunteers from the community who come in and help her with the children, and you can read about them on her blog.

She started a foundation to help support them. She has had an ambitious dream of creating a free open primary school and community center. And now, thanks to everyone who showed up and voted for her, she can! She was the winner of the "Do Something" contest, and now she has $100,000 to put towards the projects of her heart.

Take a little time to go and read about her on her blog and the BlinkNow Foundation website. I think you'll fall in love with all of them just as I did.

And now, Karen is giving away beautiful necklaces to everyone who voted and came back to comment on her blog. Thanks, Karen, for sharing them with us, and thank you so much for your generous gift to your bloggy visitors. This is one of the reasons I love being a part of the blogoverse! How else could this all happen??


karen said...

Daisy, thanks for the mention! And talking up KVCH. Can't wait for you to receive your necklace. The one you picked (green bead) is the very one I wanted you to have - no kidding! I will see if I can find little end beads for it. xo

Crazy Daisy said...

I am humbled by the work of this young women. She makes me want to work more diligently...