Sunday, June 7, 2009

out of all the things I've lost...

...the thing I miss most is my mind!

The mystery flower from my last post is:

Sweet woodruff!! How could I not remember that one?

Ah, well. On to the next misadventure. I have been wanting a nice ceramic utensil holder for my kitchen counter. I only have a few drawers in my tiny kitchen, so the utensils usually end up in a Tupperware container or something on the counter. I wash them and put them in there to dry, and they sit there until I need them again. But the container is always tipping over, and the utensils go everywhere. So I needed something to hold them.

Also, a while back I bought those little plastic buckets with holes in them for the spoons, forks, and knives. You know the ones that the school cafeterias use to send the silverware through the dishwasher. Yeah, the ugly ones. Well, they work great to hold them on the dish draining counter, but they tip over, too. I wanted a holder for them of some kind.

I'm too cheap to buy this stuff new, and I can never find exactly what I want anyway. I was cleaning and doing a bit of rearranging in the kitchen yesterday and decided I absolutely had to have something to put those utensils in. So I went on a hunt to the Salvation Army store and the Goodwill store in town. I spent a few hours searching, but I found what I wanted and then some. I haven't done that for so long I can't even remember! It was so relaxing. So much fun.

Here is the silverware cup holder I found. It's perfect--like it was made for them. $2.

Here are the crocks that I found to hold utensils. All three together? $1.25.

And then I found a few other goodies. I have this Presto salad shooter that I've used forever. I love the thing for shredded cheese, slicing potatoes, shredding carrots, and slicing onions. I've had it for fifteen years, I swear. But now some of the pieces are cracking. I've hated to see it fall apart. Yesterday, I found one for $4 that hardly looks used. Yippee!! (Ah...can you tell how cheap I am if I tell you I only spent a few bucks at a garage sale on the first one?)

Also, I've wanted one of those fancy cheese shredders for the longest time. One of the ones that they use at the Italian restaurants when you want cheese grated onto your salad? I love that little touch, but I just never wanted to spend the money on it to buy one of them new. Yeah. I found one for $3.

And finally, I found a Tupperware Jel-Ring mold. I lost mine somewhere. You know the one they've sold pour your jello into it, seal it up, and it forms into a ring. Then you can flip it out onto a serving plate all fancy-like. Or you can make an ice ring for a punch bowl with it. Or you could press your chicken ring noodle pasta salad into it and let it chill. Very fancy schmancy. I got it for $2.

All the pleasure I had hunting them down? Priceless. (You knew that line was coming somewhere, huh. LOL)

Anyway, the last time I made the Pretzel Jello recipe that Diane always asks for, I wanted to use my Jel-Ring container and make it in there. You make the jello and pour it in. Then you top it with a Cool Whip/cream cheese mixture. Then you add crushed pretzels that have been baked with butter and sugar. It's so pretty! Yumm-o.

But anyway, I couldn't find my jello mold anywhere. I was having a fit, an absolute foot-stomping fit! It didn't help, *duh*, cuz it never showed up.

Well, I found one of those at the Goodwill store! I was pretty tickled about that. And I got it home, and I started thinking. The color was kind of a unique color. It's white with dark blue speckles on it. Tupperware only sold it for a limited time. And it is the same color as the one I used to have...hmmmm. Are you following my drift?

I think, in fact, I'm positively certain, that I donated my old one to the Goodwill when I was on a massive clean-the-kitchen rampage. And I'm also pretty darn sure that I bought my own Jel-Ring mold back from the Goodwill yesterday!!! I think I'm going to throw a welcome home party for it 'cause that's how tickled I am to have it back!

Roll your eyes, kids. This is what you have to look forward to when you get old like me!

Go ahead. Have a good laugh! I already did!


Symon Burton said...

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Becky K. said...

I bought one of my candles back from Goodwill once. I couldn't believe it but there is was. So...I couldn't leave the poor little thing sitting there unwanted and bought it back.

Your finds are great.

You have solved an obviously irritating probem, for sure.

karen said...

These are great finds. The jell-o mold reunion is hilarious! I can be a garage sale, estate sale, thrift store junkie. The thrill of the hunt ;) xo