Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the never-ending trap

I did it again. I promised myself I wouldn't do it anymore, but I did it anyway. I started checking out books from the library again.

I can reserve them online. It's like shopping, but you don't have to pay. They send you an email and tell you when they are ready, and you just go get them. It's addicting.

I don't know why I do it. I don't have time to read them. I check them out. I bring them home. They sit there in a box until they are overdue, and then I bring them back.

I have to pay the overdue fines if I want to pick up the next batch of reserved books. So I guess it isn't free, really.

Yesterday was the worst, though. I was hurrying, trying to pick up my books before I went home for the day. And you know how when you're in a hurry, things just seem to go wrong? Well, yesterday was no exception.

I emptied out one of several tote bags I had in the car with me before I went in to the library. The first library stop I made, that is. (I can use my library card from the rural library system where I live at the suburban library system branches, too.) Double the fines, double the fun!

So anyway, I dropped my keys into the side pocket and went in to fetch my books. I took the bag because I knew there were about fifteen books I had on hold. You can always tell what is going on in my life by just looking at my library books. Right now, I have lots of remodeling and decorating books in my bag.

If you should happen to see any books on demolition in my bag, that means I've completely lost it, and someone should notify my honey before I figure out how to completely level the house.

But I digress. When I got done checking out my own books at the self check-out, I pulled my keys out of the side pocket of the tote with my left hand, put them into the right hand, and got ready to go back out the door. As I was walking to the door, it slowly dawned on me that something was just not quite right.

Maybe it was the way my fingers stuck together a little on the hand that fished out the keys, or maybe it was the smell of fragrant dark chocolate that was wafting up from the keys. Either way, it made me look at my hand. There was warm, mooshy melted dark chocolate all over the keys and all over my hands.

Are you kidding me?! I have to open the library door without getting warm moosh all over it for the next person. I have to keep it from getting on my clothes. And I don't want to make a scene, even though a hissy fit is only about THAT far off! *holding thumb and fingers up together*

Wait. Never mind the library door! What was I thinking? I had to get the key in the lock and open the car door without making a chocolate mess everywhere! Little #s and @s and %s were flying in a little floating banner before my eyes. Grr!!! No tissue, no purse, because of course...I left it all in the car to be more EFFICIENT. And efficiently, I stuck my keys right into a dark chocolate Hershey's kiss that melted in the hot car all day long in the side pocket of my bag!

I managed to get into the car, and sat there trying to figure out how many people would be able to see me if I just licked off my keys and my fingers. I hate to waste lovely melted chocolate!! Reluctantly, I fished for tissue instead, and spent the next ten minutes or so wiping melty, messy chocolate goo off my keys and my hands.

Melted chocolate is one of my weaknesses, though. I have to tell ya, I did try the chocolate that was smeared on the plastic tag on my keychain, but it tasted lousy. Must have been in the bag for a while. LOL.

So that was my adventure in booklending yesterday. The other library was uneventful, thank goodness. I don't think I could have stood any more excitement last night.


Becky K. said...

Charlie Brown would say "Good Grief!" Sorry to hear about that. I do love that you are a chocolate carrying kind of a gal.

I always consider those fines a little donation to a great cause. It just makes me feel better.


Sue said...

Oh my... sounds like you need some wet naps in the car - lol Sounds like a perfectly no-good, very bad day to me! Hope it got better after you got the chocolate off your hands/keys!