Thursday, July 2, 2009

when all else fails...

My honey took me shopping a couple of weeks ago and I found some cute summer clothes on clearance at one of my favorite shops. I've been wearing them a little at a time...just to drag out the pleasure of wearing something new. Do you ever do that? I don't want to wear all my new things in the same week because then it's over too fast. I know. I'm a nut.

So anyway, yesterday I wore this shirt for the first time. The fabric is a sheer blue and black kind of paisley print over a black shell. Nice, right? It is until you wear it for a little while, and then the front starts to creep down. It's a square neck, but the middle part has a little shirring, and it's actually kind of stretchy. It started to sag. I kept pulling it up, but it had a mind of its own.

Here's what it was like: Strrrretttcchhhh!! YANK it up, pull it down in back. Strrrretttcchhhh!! YANK it up, pull it down in back.

Well, I'm not a d├ęcolletage kind of girl. I can't stand shirts that leave half your cleavage hanging out. And this shirt just kept slipping lower and lower. I didn't have a spare shirt with me...I just don't usually carry a change of clothes. I stay pretty clean at my job, except for the occasional clutzy food spill. LOL.

So in desperation, I took off my shirt and put it on backwards! Problem solved! I doubt anyone would have noticed except I wanted to share my ingenuity with a couple of coworkers, so I told them! I think they laughed for twenty minutes. :)

I like to let my wackiness out of the bag every now and then. It spices up my life!


Becky K. said...

Why do we enjoy telling on ourselves? I do the same thing!
Very funny!

By the way...thanks for being one who doesn't enjoy letting it all hang out. So many do these days...It makes me so frustrated trying to raise teen boys in this environment...sigh.

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Okay, you gave me a good laugh for the day. I don’t think I ever would have thought of putting the shirt on backwards. That deserves an award for creativity.

I see your profile says you like Christian fiction.
That’s my genre too. Please check out my blog and website:

Sue said...

What a cute story and great solution to your problem. I don't like showing a lot of cleavage... mostly because 45 yr old boobs are NOT that attractive on their own... the saggy old things ;-)