Friday, August 28, 2009

coming up for a little air

I thought I'd drop by and post a short update. I know I've been absent from my one else is here to mind the store. Maybe I could find a guest blogger. LOL.

So the wedding countdown is minus two weeks and a day. Melissa's girlfriend is giving her a shower this Sunday, and I'm going up tomorrow to help her frost cupcakes. I still have to make the garter. It's still a toss-up if the procrastination will win out, or if I will get it done ahead of time. Oh, and of course I have pants to hem, and a dress to sweat, right? Yeah, riiigghht.

Do you think I should have given her a shower, too? I don't think the mother of the bride usually does that. Isn't that like a social no-no or something? But usually don't they have a girlfriend shower and a family shower? It's been so long that I'm just not up on the wedding etiquette stuff. I should consult Gail. She has magazines and workbooks and long-term and short-term planning lists, and her wedding is a year away. She would know if anyone would!

Maybe it doesn't matter. But each side of the family usually does one, and we have nothing. Just this one, and the invite said to "bring something romantic." I'm a little afraid! LOL. I can just imagine.

Oh, and Mugs has been over all week. She just went home last night. And she is so much like my honey that it makes me just howl. It's so funny. So he gets to deal with the female version of himself all day long. She said she went and took a nap in sheer self-preservation. And my honey told me he's considering withdrawing his invitation to her. Hee hee!! Ah, it's all in love. They're crazy about each other. Really! :)

And Luvvy was over almost every night, and our niece...and her kids...and then our nephew, his daughter, and her boyfriend came over one night to help, too. I missed all the fun that night. I had class, which I'm very excited about. I'm taking computer networking classes! For free. Basically.

And then Johnny was over last night helping my honey put up the bathroom ceiling board--you should hear them yell at each other. Seriously. Yelling. They are SO alike. So here's me and our niece, trying to help hold up the ceiling board, and my arms feel like they are going to fall right off my shoulders they hurt so bad. And here's my honey and Johnny, ARGUING about where to put the screws to hold up the board! Are you KIDDING me??!

"I'm dying, here!" I shout. And they both look at me, look at each other, and keep on shouting. Totally hysterical. And then when the work is done for the night, they are both perfectly calm, and they hug each other goodbye when Johnny goes home.

"Love you, bud." "Love you, too." "G'nite, now. See you next week," they say.

And I'm just sitting there with my finger in my mouth...going, "Huh??"

It's like a three ring circus. Who needs TV, I say. I have my own family sitcom right here in the house. Maybe I could sell tickets to the nightly show to raise money for renovations. Ha!

Okay, I'm really not complaining because my house is looking better every day. :)


Becky K. said...

You totally make me laugh. What a way with words you have...or maybe it is the experience in home remodeling and being stuck holding a heavy piece of sheetrock in place while Warren figures something out...either way...I totally got this!

Becky k.

Nezzy said...

Busy woman, I thought my family was the only uniquely hysterical clan. Your so busy don't worry about hosting a shower. I feel your pain in your remodel. We gutted a portion of our house last summer. I went almost two weeks with an outside wall out and exposed to road traffic but it was worth it all. Take care and have a wonderful week-end!!!

karen said...

You work, you run the house, take a class, blog, the wedding, family, pets, remodeling ... how. do. you. juggle. it all?? I feel rather lazy now and think I'll eat a piece of cake. :p xoxo

daisymarie said...

It's funny you should ask about the shower...someone at Curves the other day asked me what protocol was on that...I don't think I look like I would know...that's what I have the internet for! Enjoy the circus and may the family continue to bring such joy.

BTW: I finished the book "Beyond the Night" the other day that I "won"...needed quite a few tissues on that one. Thanks again!

Terry said...

Howdy Daisy
I just rode over to wish you well and spend some time reading the ramblings of a normal person :
It is amazing to me the more I take on the more I can do yet the more some women take on the less they accomplish.
My granny taught me that if you wnat to get a project done find a busy woman and she will find a way .
Blessings to you and yours .
Happy Trails