Thursday, August 20, 2009

steve and marian need help!

Who are Steve and Marian, you might ask. Good question. Oh, my gosh. I read about this the other day, and it keeps haunting me.

This guy Steve, his wife is sick. Like really sick. And the insurance company in its infinite wisdom, has decided to deny her benefits. The doctors have recommended various therapies that would help her, but the insurance company hired their own doctor WHO HAS NOT SEEN HER, and this doctor has decided that she does not need these treatments. Supposedly she will not benefit from them. They sent her to a nursing home without providing for any rehabilitative treatment. HOW DOES THIS PERSON SLEEP AT NIGHT???

It reminds me of when my honey got permanently injured at work...when he put in a claim for disability benefits, they had a doctor see him, who only looked at him, asked him a couple of questions, and told him he could return to work.

My poor honey could hardly walk into the office using a cane because he was in so much pain. "Oh, no. You're fine," the guy says. "You can go back to work tomorrow, and with no restrictions." In fact, he told my honey he had to go back. And if he didn't, they could fire him. What a farce. Anyway.

What if my honey were in that situation that Steve's wife is in? What could be done? By me, or anyone.

Well, Steve's friends and family aren't sitting around crying. Well, they probably are doing that, too. But they have turned to the wonderful blogoverse to ask for help spreading the word about his wife's situation. Take a quick look. You won't be sorry.

They are starting to feel a small inkling of hope. Go ahead. Go on over and leave a comforting word for them. Spread the word. You'll feel better.


Nezzy said...

Oh my gosh, this is so like our insurance-health-care today. I often ask myself what am I paying for because when it comes time for the insurance co. to step up to the plate ya' get a letter denying your claim. Gettin' off that horse. Have a wonderful day.

Friends of Steve said...

Thank you so much for giving Steve’s story space on your blog. I am the author of the blog about Steve and his family. I just wanted to thank all of you who have read this message and ask you to please follow the link and read the whole blog. We really need you to make this work. Please share Steve’s story with everyone you can think of, vouch for it and get your friends and family involved. If anyone has questions, feel free to email me at We have done everything we can to be as transparent as possible so people can trust that this is a true story and these are real people. If you would like to follow the blog it is here: THANK YOU!

karen said...

Daisy, I would not even know about this if it weren't for you! What a tragedy - and it's shameful that it is not an uncommon circumstance. This is just the type of situation our government needs to know about - right in the midst of all the health care debates. Imagine all of the lives this loving mother touches, nurtures and supports - and how they are all suffering without her right now.

My love & prayers to all,