Wednesday, August 12, 2009

so long, sweet boomboom

What a sucky weekend it was. We had to put Dee's kitty BoomBoom down. The poor baby...he was pretty sick. She had him in to the vet, and it sounded like it was going to be so expensive to take care of him, and she just couldn't afford it.

Now some of y'all probably would spend the money on the cat, and honestly, I have such a soft heart that if I had the money, I would have done it. He was such a mellow and loving that it about broke my heart to do it.

And THAT is why I'm going to stick to my mantra of No New Pets. Too much heartbreak. I can't take this anymore. Our two cats are twelve, and Augie Doggie is eleven. Their clocks are ticking, and I'm turning into a wimpy kid, here.

Pets have one downfall. They just don't live long enough.

Farewell, sweet BoomBoom baby.


Becky K. said...

Awww...that hurts. Been there, done that!

Every long term pet owner knows how hard this is. Sending you healing thoughts.

Becky K.

Nezzy said...

I'm so, so sorry for you. A long time pet becomes family. I pray that God surrounds you in peace and sweet rest tonight.

Sue said...

Aw I'm so sorry. We had to put our 14 1/2 yr old kitty down in the Spring... I still miss her presence in my house today. In fact I was just thinking about her when I was down in my laundry room earlier today.

So sorry for your loss!

Hugs xo

daisymarie said...

Thank you for the mantra. I'm feeling a cuddly furry spot developing in my heart. But the timing is not good...pets are a responsibility I don't take lightly and financially I want to be in a better spot. Not to mention that pets (esp dogs) need more attention than out schizophrenic schedules would provide.

karen said...

Farewell little BoomBoom. Big hugs to you, Daisy. I was the same way about medical care for Peanut - looking at the pros/cons, the cost, and her age, I chose to just let nature run its course until it was time to make the same decision you had to make. Kitty had a very good life - you are a very loving soul. xo

karenp said...

What a beautiful kitty! Hugs to you across the miles. It's so difficult! Makes me cry just thinking about it :(