Sunday, September 13, 2009

a fine day for a wedding

Wow! Yesterday went by in a blur of pictures, people, pulled pork, and pure fun.

The ceremony was at the town hall just down the road from Jon & Melissa's. It reminded me of a little old white one-room schoolhouse. You could have spit across the room inside.

The reception was at Mel & Jon's, the bride and groom's place. There were more cowboy boots and hats there than I could count. The mosquitoes were out in full combat gear, dive bombing everyone in sight. Dogs were running around the yard, and the people just kept on coming.

They were parking all the along the long driveway, and valet service was provided by the ushers on an old golf cart. It was pretty speedy--I caught a ride with them myself! Very efficient.

The pole barn was transformed with white tulle and strings of sparkling lights. It was quite nice!

We went to a nearby park to take family pictures before the wedding. Then my camera battery went dead, and I had no backup. So hopefully others will share their pictures with me from the ceremony.

The lovely bride and her groom:

Melissa and my honey and I:

Instead of a dollar dance, how about a dunk tank? Here is the brave groom:

...and the bride in her best dunking duds (the white boots were my fave) patiently waiting for her turn:

And the crowd gathered around to spend their dunkin' dollars!

I have to say, it is the only wedding I have ever attended where the best man's and maid of honor's speeches were upstaged by a rooster! Mel and Jon's rooster came hustling into the pole barn where we were all seated. You could tell where he was under the table by watching who was wiggling around in their seat and trying to see under the table.

But it was a beautiful day, and the ceremony, although short, was very nice.

Lots and lots of friends and relatives came out to wish them well. We didn't stay for the whole 8:30 pm, it felt like midnight! I was exhausted and had had enough fun for one day. LOL. I went home tired, happy and full of good food. Cheers!


Nezzy said...

Oh my, the bride and groom look sooo happy. I pray God blessed them richly. A dunkin' booth....I thought we had some strange happenings a kins weddings. Sounds like a fun wedding. Ya'll have a great day.....I'm gonna!!!

Sue said...

How fun! Congratulations again to the happy couple!

Bummer about your camera battery. I'm sure others will have plenty of good pics to share! Thanks for sharing the ones you did... very cool. A different wedding than I've ever seen but looks like it was VERY fun!

Crazy Daisy said...

sounds like fun! and a dunk tank!

daisy said...

They definitely made the wedding theirs! I know they'll remember it for a long, long time.

karen said...

Awww Daisy! What a happy group - look at all of that fun. Now those kids know how to take the plunge - literally. Love your outfit - shoes and all ;)

Beautiful day. Thanks for sharing with us. May God bless their union abundantly.

Becky K. said...

I love it!

And I love that you shared a pic of you and your honey, as you call him.

Everyone looks so very happy. It had to be one of the most fun receptions ever.

I nearly missed this post, somehow. Glad I didn't.

Becky K.