Sunday, September 6, 2009


We've continued to work on the honey bought trim for the living room and bathroom windows--oh. my. Hardwood is not cheap.

We had a few snafus today. The bathroom mirror we bought had an obvious chip in the front of it, and the light fixture didn't fit well, so that came back down off the wall. Back to Lowe's we will go.

I bought a couple of upholstered chairs at a garage sale. I think they'll look great after a shampooing. They're in decent shape, and I love the look of them. I think we'll get them reupholstered in something besides white moire when we get the couch reupholstered.

Tomorrow I have to do some sewing. Pants need hemming, a garter needs sewing, and I want to get some plum colored fabric for a bathroom curtain. I'm debating if I want to make a balloon shade I can tie up or a Roman shade. I think the poufs of a balloon shade would be very attractive in there. I need to get a haircut and find a dress for the wedding.

Do you think I'm cramming too much into one single day?

Naaaahhhhh! Not if I get an early start! LOL. I work better under pressure.


bethn said...

YOu sound like me. There's always a few more seconds to cram in another project. Good luck.

Nezzy said...

You go girl. Pushing every project at once, ya I work best with all the balls in the air too. I feel your pain on remodeling always some glitches in the glue. Have a great Labor Day and Go girl Go!!!

Crazy Daisy said...

oh yeah, I'm the same way! Once i'm in "the mood" to work on projects I want to do it all!

karen said...

My problem is that once I start, I will not stop until the project is done ... or I've worn myself down to a silly, babbling fool! I want to get to the end result. So impatient! So happy for you ... think how much you will enjoy it. Especially when winter sets in. xo