Tuesday, September 1, 2009

will we pass muster?

Tomorrow is the day. It's the day that we will find out if we are up to the mark, if we're good enough, if we pass muster. My kids would be saying, "Pass the mustard? Huh? We don't even like mustard." And even if I explained, they'd be looking at each other behind my back and rolling their eyes. "She's making up words again," they'd say.

But really. How many times in your adult life do you have a situation where an outsider comes into your home, and looks around with a critical eye to see if you are good enough, perfect enough, and up to their standards? Very seldom, if you're lucky. It's getting a little stressful!

But if we are going to be able to get this foster care license, that's exactly what we have to do. We have to pass the inspection. And I don't know if we will.

Thirty-some years of rough-and-tumble from the kids really takes its toll on a house. You know the saying about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear? Well, we need to make a serious investment in silk fabric, I'm tellin' ya! In fact, I think we ought to buy a whole silkworm farm and get a head start.

It's not quite to the point where we keep the neighbors out of the house with an outstretched palm, but it almost is. "Umm, sorry. You can stop right there."

And add to that fact that we have been clutter collectors for many years as well. It's amazing to see things get uncovered as we weed through and throw things away. Wow. So that's what the dresser top looks like. And the floor space! It looks so open. I did the little trick of not putting the furniture all the way next to the wall. It's away from the wall about six or eight inches. And the room looks bigger!

I have to admit. Some of the stuff is just getting shoved into totes and hauled into the garage, just because of the time crunch. But I swear it's going to get cleaned out and gone through. We've come too far to go back now.

This cleaning out process has been good for us, but stressful at the same time because of the pressure of a deadline.

Well, it's coming to a head. Tomorrow. Do or die time. Will we cut the mustard? (Now there's another expression the kids have probably never heard.)

We'll see. It's going to be a push tonight. I'll keep you posted. If I survive.


Becky K. said...

I'm rooting for you~~~

Go girl!

May God richly bless you for your desire to help children.

Becky K.

Nezzy said...

You go girl, you can do it! Ya got God on your side. Think of what you have already accomplished. You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Your gonna love those children. Throwing blessings your way.......