Friday, October 16, 2009

cats don't share

Franklin has become a class A-1 bully. A bully, I tell ya.

Mugs, my beloved sister-in-law, has moved in with us. For good. She comes with pets. One little wire-haired dachshund, Odie, and one big orange and white cat, Garfield. I know--it's perfect!

Except Garfield doesn't really live up to his name yet. He's pretty shy and retiring. Very meek and mild. Hasn't been fixed yet, still has his claws. And he's timid. Go figure.

Odie has been a frequent visitor, as he has come with Mugs when she would stay for the weekend here and there. Garfield, on the other hand, has not.

Franklin, our black and white kitty, is a PILL. He stalks poor Garfield every time he pokes his nose out of Mugs' room. He'll sit down at the beginning of the hallway, and he just pokes enough of his face around the corner so he can see if Garfield is out of the room.

Mugs has the room at the end of the hall. I'm afraid poor Garfield is destined to live down there. He's such a timid thing. I know that our cats are going to run his life and make him miserable, just the way they did little Charli-mama's.

Has anyone had any luck with getting cats to get along? Because my cats definitely don't sing that song..."Can't we all just get along?"

Tucker, our big black cat, has already let Odie know who's boss. He's the one with the Garfield personality, really. Odie got too close to him one was kind of like when someone keeps backing up out in public somewhere and doesn't look behind them. You know what I mean? And all of a sudden, they're in your bubble? You want to give them a shove or something, but you usually just back up and wait for them to notice they're too close. They run you over, and you move out of the way. Crazy.

Well, not Tucker. Odie got too close to him and as soon as Tucker had had enough, he gave poor Odie a good CHOMP! on his backside. Odie yelped and took off running for Mugs. He sat under her chair looking out at Tucker, like, what the heck is your problem, cat? Tucker just sat there and gave Odie a cold stare.

They are so entertaining! Who needs TV?

Yes, I know we said NO NEW PETS. I don't think these count, because they're technically not our pets. Really.


Nezzy said...

Sounds like ya got yourself a territorial Hatfield and McCoy battle there. Maybe after some time passes they will know who's who's of the critter kingdom. No doubt, very entertaining. Heeeheehe!

Have a great weekend full of fun surprises!!! God bless

bethn said...

Yeah! Good luck getting cats to get along. We also have a black and white cat named Tucker. When we got our kitten Kayla, he just chased and sat on her all the time. They are a little better now, but only because she has started to stand up for herself.

It'll be really interesting after Christmas when my parents go to Florida and their cat moves in for two months. It'll be pretty interesting I'm sure.

karen said...

The cats. Yes. Oh so coy. Maybe they'll warm up to one another over time? The others may find out soon enough that Garfield has claws! Poor kitty. Tie a ball of catnip to his collar??

Happy Friday!

daisymarie said...

We are contemplating joining the ranks of those with pets. I'm not sure if stories like these make me warmer towards the idea or make me want to steer clear. giggles.

Becky K. said...

This is so fun...not! But, after a while they get tired of playing this game and get along.

We have never had animals that never learned to co-exist...and we are definitely a animal house.

By the way... I love their names.

Becky K.