Friday, October 30, 2009

*cough! cough!*

Wipe off your keyboards. Clean your monitors. It's very contagious! We are the official sickies around here. In my spare time, I sleep. On my lunch hour, I sleep. I go to bed early, and I get up as late as possible and still get to work on time. And finally, thankfully, it's Friday and I don't have to get up early!

I feel the drive to scrapbook coming on. Next weekend, Archiver's is having their holiday bonanza sale, and the following weekend, they have a super duper calendar class happening! I'm really tempted. If I'm not still tired, that is. This has to end sooner or later. I've been feeling yucky since I got my flu shot a little over a week ago. I want it to be done.

I've been slacking on the blog since I started classes, and now I have classes two nights a week! I have another test on Monday and a paper due again. I better factor in some study time this weekend instead of waiting till two hours before class to buckle down. Although if you look at grades, what I've been doing has been working, cuz I have a 92% in the class. But I want to RETAIN this stuff! Not just ace the test and forget it. That's for rookies. I want to be in it to win it and be able to pass certification tests and such. Maybe that is part of why I'm tired. My brain is working overtime! Ha!

Well, there's plenty of family drama going on. Oh, the stories I could tell! But it's nothing that I can blog about, so I'll just ask you to pray about my kids. And me, too. And my honey. Oh, heck. All of us! Thanks!


Sue said...

Oh dear... hope you're feeling better soon! It really is a terrible cold and flu season this year isn't it?

Will say a prayer for the goings on in your world. Blessings on you!

Crazy Daisy said...

Sounds like a lot going on! Hang in there! Feel better!!! OOH, We should do a scrapbook day soon!

karen said...

I've been thinking about you! Wondering how you are. We had the flu nasal mist 24 days ago ... STILL sniffling. First week was the worst - sore throat, coughing (still coughing), congestion, sneezing, you name it. Yuuuck. Never sick enough to not get on with our day, but no pep in our steps 'round here until lately.

We still don't have H1N1 available for non-high-risk groups and not enough to cover those folks anyway. Little nervous about getting one until I read yet another story of severe illness or death.

Well dear friend, stop burning that candle at both ends if you know what I mean. Miss your posts but more important to rest (and just have some silly fun, ok?!)

2 crazies in t-town

ps. I met Pioneer Woman & her hubby Marlboro Man tonight. I bask in the glow of celebrity ... ahhhh.

Nezzy said...

If your like me you light the candle at both ends and then break it in half and light it again then the old body kicks back and says,"wooah girl." Congrats on your grades, I knew you could do it!!! Take care of yourself and get better. Maybe you can snuggle in this weekend and drink boat loads of fluid.

Have a good one and I'll send a prayer up for you. God bless

Smellyann said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Becky K. said...

Prayers for you and get to feeling better soon. Everything looks and feels worse when we are tired and coughing.

Congrats on all of the great work at school.

Hope your new week rocks!

Becky K.

daisymarie said...

prayers, prayers, and more prayers! may there peace instead of drama, health instead of sickness, and energy to face everything that's slipped to the wayside while you felt like crap.

daisymarie said...

Miss you! I hope you're feeling better.

I've been posting this month on my other blog:

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