Friday, October 23, 2009

shebang! he has claws

It's official. Garfield, Mugs' cat, has discovered that he has claws and that our cats, Tucker and Franklin, do not. What an attitude change. he no longer cowers and hides. He struts down the hall. He lollygags in the chairs, sprawled as far as he can stretch. He saunters in front of the cats, stopping to give them a cold stare.

But it doesn't stop them from trying. They still gang up on him and try to intimidate him. Today Franklin had Garfield blocked into the hallway and was growling at Garfield, so I went to break it up. Franklin turned around and headed for the dining room when I shooed him away, and right after he turned around, Garfield exploded past me and leapt onto Franklin's back with all his claws outstretched! Wow!

Franklin crouched down and started yowling. Tucker rushed over to defend Franklin, and Franklin turned and hissed at him, too. Tucker started to yowl. That is an eerie sound. It started out mournful and rolled right on down into a rumbling growl. Zowie! That's the most excitement I've had in weeks!

Cats do not play nice. They strut and puff and bluster just like men do (sorry guys, but you do). And I couldn't believe that Garfield gave Frankie the equivalent of a sucker punch. Hit him when his back was turned.

So Garfield has been banished back to the bedroom.

He is so funny, though. We bought those sticky sheets of plastic that you can stick onto the upholstery to keep cats from shredding up your furniture when they want to sharpen their claws. We heard him back behind the, rip, rip...if you have cats, you probably know the sound.

So I took out the sticky sheets and applied them to the back of the couch. After a bit, I saw him head back there, so I quietly peeked my head over the back of the couch to see what he was doing.

That little stinker. He was back there, touching the plastic sheets with his paws. He'd give them this disgusted look. But instead of giving up, he put his face up to them and grabbed a corner of the closest strip with his teeth and tried to peel it off the couch! What a smartie!

My usual line of defense when the cats are doing something they shouldn't is to squirt them with water from a spray bottle. I didn't have that handy, so I blew a big puff of air at his face. He stopped, for a second, and went back to it. I had to do that three or four more times before he ran out of there and left them alone.

My goodnes. It's like having kids around. But the next few days will determine if Garfield stays or goes. He may have to go back to our niece's house if he can't get along with Frankie and Tucker. He's young, and our kitties are almost fourteen years old. They're destined to lose if Garfield doesn't cool his jets.

You know that old saying...something like, Youth and strength will never win out over age and treachery? It doesn't work here in our wild kingdom of cats. I think the tide is turning. The theme from The Lion King is playing in my mind...The Circle of Life. They were the kings, but there comes a time when the younger, stronger ones are ready to take over. Kind of depressing, you know? LOL


Nezzy said...

This is hilarious! Not to your furniture or nerves but the whole cat vs. cats cracks me up. Let's face it, cats are just a little different. Loved the put a big old grin on my face!

Have a super weekend free from slasher claws and violent wildcats!

God bless!!!

daisymarie said...

you leave me giggling and wondering why i'm ready to rescue a kitty for a friend...

daisy said...

daisymarie, if you only have one kitty, or two if you get them together like we did, they will probably be fine. and they are so much fun. seriously. the more time you spend with them, the more their personality comes out. they are really pretty low-maintenance. if I could only have one pet, it would be a cat. (shhh, don't tell my Augie Doggie!)

Jane Blogs said...

Just wondering if Garfield is still in residence, or has hit the road?
I hope they're getting along better by now.