Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a very one-sided conversation

I can text message from my email. I have to pay for each text on my cell phone, so I very often use my email to text Erica, who has unlimited texting on her phone. It's not foolproof, but it usually works.

Tonight was another story:

d (9:28 PM): hello?
d (9:28 PM): hello erica:
d (9:28 PM): hello erica. do you need a ride home from church tonight? we didn't talk about that. let me know
d (9:28 PM): hellow? hello? 'ello? 'LO?????
d (9:29 PM): howdy doodle little noodle
d (9:29 PM): are u there?
d (9:29 PM): erica
d (9:29 PM): ERICA
d (9:29 PM): er
d (9:29 PM): i
d (9:29 PM): ca
d (9:29 PM): hello?
d (9:29 PM): h
d (9:29 PM): ell
d (9:29 PM): o
d (9:29 PM): ?
d (9:30 PM): hoo hoo...
d (9:30 PM): doo doo.......
d (9:30 PM): doot de dooo... erica.....
d (9:30 PM): doot de doodley doodley doo
d (9:30 PM): woo hoo
d (9:31 PM): what is the name of that cough drop where they sing it like they're up in the Swiss Alps?
d (9:33 PM): that's how I'm singing aer--ikaaaaa... aha! i kept thinking fabiooooo...but it's Ricola. Riii---colaaaaa
d (9:33 PM): Airrrrr--icaaaaaaaaaa

She's probably just ignoring me, now. Ya think?? Because I'm probably driving her nuts. hee hee hee!!!

Oh! Now, four whole minutes later, after she waded through my texts, now this:

Erica (9:37 PM): Mom
d (9:37 PM): Oh, finally!

*laughing hysterically* Can you hear that tone? Mom. Like, are you kidding me.

I am easily amused.


Becky K. said...

Very funny!


karen said...

oh Daisy (you can't do the Ricola thing with "Daisy"), I need to visit more often. Maybe you've been painting and the fumes are getting to you? heh heh.

Oh and thanks - I now can't get Reeeee COH laaahhh out of my head. :p rrreeeeeeeeeeCOHlaaaaaaaa.

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daisymarie said...

It must be mom humor...coz it sure made me laugh!!!

daisy said...

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To each their own...

Nezzy said...

Reeeeee-coooooooo-laaaaaaa! I'll be singin' this while I'm cooking supper tonight. Heeeheeehe! Funny post. I'm catching up on blogs today. I've been offline due to the storms and flooding that moved through 5.5 long days. What can I say, I'm hooked.

Have a wonderful day. God bless