Sunday, September 27, 2009

it's been another week since I blogged

Let's see...I had class, took a test, handed in two papers, cleaned stupid Microsoft Agent malware off my computer (four evenings!), got a daybed and mattress for Mugs, babysat my little ChiChi boy, went to a wholesale jewelry show--(can we just say, oh, my?!), did laundry, have all the dishes done right now (yippee!!), and I'm back to class on Monday. It'll be here before I know it. (pant, pant) I can barely keep up with myself. I can't believe how fast the weeks go.

The cedar waxwings are back, on their semi-annual migration. Their sweet cheeps gave them away last night when I walked the Augie-Doggie Doomeister. Their song is so's like no other. Anyway, I think they're heading south just in time! Winter is coming fast on their heels. (Do birds have heels? I dunno.)

In one day, our weather went from summer to almost winter. Yikes!! I left this morning to go to the jewelry show and it was a balmy, oh, 65-ish morning. Beautiful. It got cooler as the day went on, though.

When I finally got home tonight after bringing Gail back down to the dorm, I swear I could hear sleet on the window. It was really just rain, but with the wind, it was soooooo cold!

In fact, it was so windy that Mugs called to see if my honey was still alive. That's an inside joke. He loves the wind. He says it calms him down...makes him feel peaceful. He said one time that the day he dies, it'll be a windy day--it'll be blowing about 50 mph. So she had to call just to check.

Okay, it's kind of a morbid joke, but you have to know my honey. He's a straight talker. He doesn't pretty it up to spare your feelings. He just says it like he sees it. So when he thinks about dying, he just says it right out loud. Drives us all crazy every time he says it, but so it is.

And every time it's windy, we have that conversation, or something like it. Nice, huh?

Well, I feel better because I got my blogging fix, and now I'm going to go listen to Al Green sang some gospel before I toddle off to bed. 'Nite, all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

while i was away...

Actually I haven't done much updating here at all. I don't think I've been sitting long enough to do it without any interruptions! No, seriously! And things aren't going to change that much for a little while:

We're still working on the house, only at a slower pace.

I'm still working full-time (thank you, God!).

Mugs is moving in by the end of the month, and we have things to do to get ready for that.

I'm taking three classes this semester, and they are starting to pick up the pace--I'm supposed to be studying for a 3-chapter test this morning. (Do you see how well I spend my designated time?) Ha!

Oh, and I have two papers to write. The list goes on and on...

So why am I blogging? Well, I just kind of got here to my blog because of autopilot or something.

Do you know how when you're driving someplace, and you suddenly realize that you've turned to go someplace else--someplace where you're used to driving all the time? That's what I call my autopilot.

Like for the first half of my drive to work now, it's the same as the way I used to go to my old job. One morning I found myself driving to my old job when I had no intention of going that way! Crazy!

Well, now that I'm completely aware of what I'm doing, I guess I better quit and get back to my homework. :) I have something else I want to write about and reflect on, but I'm going to have to save it for later. AFTER my homework is done.

AND, I hafta tell you, too, that I found the cutest thing for my house at a garage sale, of all places. Actually I've found a few nice things lately. I'll tell you more later. I have so much more to say!!!

Aaiiiggghh! It's killing me to quit writing here. You never want to do something more than when it's impossible to do. LOL.

On my way, now. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this is outrageous

I guess Steve and Marian are not the only ones whose lives have been turned upside down by insurance companies...

It is a racket. I don't get it. How do they sleep at night?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a fine day for a wedding

Wow! Yesterday went by in a blur of pictures, people, pulled pork, and pure fun.

The ceremony was at the town hall just down the road from Jon & Melissa's. It reminded me of a little old white one-room schoolhouse. You could have spit across the room inside.

The reception was at Mel & Jon's, the bride and groom's place. There were more cowboy boots and hats there than I could count. The mosquitoes were out in full combat gear, dive bombing everyone in sight. Dogs were running around the yard, and the people just kept on coming.

They were parking all the along the long driveway, and valet service was provided by the ushers on an old golf cart. It was pretty speedy--I caught a ride with them myself! Very efficient.

The pole barn was transformed with white tulle and strings of sparkling lights. It was quite nice!

We went to a nearby park to take family pictures before the wedding. Then my camera battery went dead, and I had no backup. So hopefully others will share their pictures with me from the ceremony.

The lovely bride and her groom:

Melissa and my honey and I:

Instead of a dollar dance, how about a dunk tank? Here is the brave groom:

...and the bride in her best dunking duds (the white boots were my fave) patiently waiting for her turn:

And the crowd gathered around to spend their dunkin' dollars!

I have to say, it is the only wedding I have ever attended where the best man's and maid of honor's speeches were upstaged by a rooster! Mel and Jon's rooster came hustling into the pole barn where we were all seated. You could tell where he was under the table by watching who was wiggling around in their seat and trying to see under the table.

But it was a beautiful day, and the ceremony, although short, was very nice.

Lots and lots of friends and relatives came out to wish them well. We didn't stay for the whole 8:30 pm, it felt like midnight! I was exhausted and had had enough fun for one day. LOL. I went home tired, happy and full of good food. Cheers!

Friday, September 11, 2009

happy wedding day!

Saturday, September 12.

My baby is getting married!

Ready or not, here it comes. Melissa and Jon are getting married today!

I'm up late Friday night, putting the finishing touches on her garter, and hemming my honey's dress pants. No sense doing early what can be put off till the last minute, you know.

I found a dress on Tuesday. Ordered shoes online and got them Wednesday. Picked out some sodialite pieces and Luvvy put them together for me last about midnight.

And I should be sewing, but I just had to take a little break and breathe here.

We went to the rehearsal tonight and went out to Mel's for dinner. Wow! Have they done a lot of work to get ready for this. The place looks fabulous. Sorry I can't claim any of the credit...I actually have not been responsible for very much. She gave me one thing to do. One. And I waited until today.

I could tell you a little secret about how it all worked out, but someone doesn't want me to tell how they helped me. So I'll just say THANKS again, and get back to the hemming.

Pictures at 11, and by this time tomorrow, she will be a Mrs. instead of a Miss. Wow!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We've continued to work on the honey bought trim for the living room and bathroom windows--oh. my. Hardwood is not cheap.

We had a few snafus today. The bathroom mirror we bought had an obvious chip in the front of it, and the light fixture didn't fit well, so that came back down off the wall. Back to Lowe's we will go.

I bought a couple of upholstered chairs at a garage sale. I think they'll look great after a shampooing. They're in decent shape, and I love the look of them. I think we'll get them reupholstered in something besides white moire when we get the couch reupholstered.

Tomorrow I have to do some sewing. Pants need hemming, a garter needs sewing, and I want to get some plum colored fabric for a bathroom curtain. I'm debating if I want to make a balloon shade I can tie up or a Roman shade. I think the poufs of a balloon shade would be very attractive in there. I need to get a haircut and find a dress for the wedding.

Do you think I'm cramming too much into one single day?

Naaaahhhhh! Not if I get an early start! LOL. I work better under pressure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Oooh, ooh!! Can I share a very cool gadget with you??? I don't hear anyone saying no, so I'm gonna. LOL

This is the coolest thing for cleaning up cat (or dog) hair off a couch, chair, anything that's upholstered in fabric. It's a Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. There's a little video you can watch. I get excited all over again when I watch it. Ha!

Two swipes and the cat hair on your couch is sucked up by the dual rolling brushes. Gone!! I'm so serious. This is the most fun I've had in months.

Usually I go through this long process of vacuuming my furniture to get this stuff off, and with four three shedding cats in the house, it builds up fast!

But I just got this fabric sweeper thingie, and I went through and cleaned all the furniture in a minute! Literally. A minute. If you have issues with pet hair, you're going to love this thing. One disclaimer on the package: "Not for use on animals." Uh, yeah. Only if you want them to bite you when you start pulling their hair out with these roller thingy-dingies.

It says it's not for vinyl or leather. Well, yeah, that's kind of a "Duh!" thing. Use a wet wipe or a dust mop thingie, or a Swiffer or something. This is for serious pet hair issues.

Oh, by the way...the package also says, "Do not try to empty or disassemble disposable sweeper." They want you to buy a new one, not reuse the old one. Of course they want you to throw it away and buy another one. Hello. I will just tell you, the cover does come off and you can empty it and reuse it.

But they work so well that I couldn't believe they had any left on the shelf when I went to find one!!

Oh, this makes me think of my BFF Beth, AKA Super Gadget Girl. I have to tell her about this one.

I am so easily pleased!

Yes, children. Your mother is a fork, I mean dork. (If I text the word dork, the default selection is fork...sorry, I couldn't resist!) Yep, I see them, rolling their eyes again. Stop it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a decision!


The pressure is off.

We got a phone call letting us know that the inspection has been canceled. The decision was made TODAY to place the children back with the father, and therefore, we are out of the picture.

What a mish mash of emotion. We went through all that work, money, time, stress…and now, poof! It’s like it’s all gone. An illusion. Not real.

There’s a sense of relief, an easing of the pressure. That was getting pretty intense, like the thumbscrews were being tightened till something had to give! All of a sudden, the pressure is gone. There’s kind of a nothingness there. It'll take me a little time to get used to that, now.

But on the bright side, the kids are able to go back to the parent, and lots of nice things have been done to the house. We can continue to repair and renovate, but at a much more mellow pace. Who knows? We might even start to enjoy it!

Thanks for your supportive comments and encouragement and prayers!! We appreciate them all!

will we pass muster?

Tomorrow is the day. It's the day that we will find out if we are up to the mark, if we're good enough, if we pass muster. My kids would be saying, "Pass the mustard? Huh? We don't even like mustard." And even if I explained, they'd be looking at each other behind my back and rolling their eyes. "She's making up words again," they'd say.

But really. How many times in your adult life do you have a situation where an outsider comes into your home, and looks around with a critical eye to see if you are good enough, perfect enough, and up to their standards? Very seldom, if you're lucky. It's getting a little stressful!

But if we are going to be able to get this foster care license, that's exactly what we have to do. We have to pass the inspection. And I don't know if we will.

Thirty-some years of rough-and-tumble from the kids really takes its toll on a house. You know the saying about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear? Well, we need to make a serious investment in silk fabric, I'm tellin' ya! In fact, I think we ought to buy a whole silkworm farm and get a head start.

It's not quite to the point where we keep the neighbors out of the house with an outstretched palm, but it almost is. "Umm, sorry. You can stop right there."

And add to that fact that we have been clutter collectors for many years as well. It's amazing to see things get uncovered as we weed through and throw things away. Wow. So that's what the dresser top looks like. And the floor space! It looks so open. I did the little trick of not putting the furniture all the way next to the wall. It's away from the wall about six or eight inches. And the room looks bigger!

I have to admit. Some of the stuff is just getting shoved into totes and hauled into the garage, just because of the time crunch. But I swear it's going to get cleaned out and gone through. We've come too far to go back now.

This cleaning out process has been good for us, but stressful at the same time because of the pressure of a deadline.

Well, it's coming to a head. Tomorrow. Do or die time. Will we cut the mustard? (Now there's another expression the kids have probably never heard.)

We'll see. It's going to be a push tonight. I'll keep you posted. If I survive.