Saturday, January 2, 2010

saturday night's all right with me

Aw, it's Saturday night already. Today was okay, but there's only one more day of the weekend. And it's still COLD!!

I worked on the calendar I made in an Archiver's class. I had to finish up November and December, and stick on all the numbers for each of the days of the months. Boy was that tedious. It took me most of the way through Sleepless in Seattle to get it done. And then, as I was looking at the sticker sheet to find any extra little doodley doos that I could add, I noticed a lone number 11 sitting on the top of one of the sheets. Not a 31 or a 30 that would have come from the end of a month. An 11.

The sinking feeling I got was right: I missed putting in the 11 way back in July, so every month after that was a day off. Yep. I had to peel off almost 180 stickers and restick them in the new spot, one day over. Aaauuugh!! It took me to the end of the movie to finish. So I sat for almost two hours putting stickers on. And then taking them off. And sticking them on again. Bleah.

Tomorrow, though, I'm looking forward to watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This is the house that our John got to help with. The shop he works at was responsible for putting in all the cabinets in the house. I'm excited to see the show. I doubt he'll be in it because he worked the overnight shift. They worked around the clock to get everything done. I'm pretty sure that it'll be online at after tomorrow, as well.

I think I will call it a day and go to bed...much earlier than I did last night. I was up until, oh, almost three. Yes, three A.M. I couldn't fall asleep. Maybe it didn't help to sleep in until noon on Friday, even though it was heavenly. My sleeping is all out of whack these days. I don't even dare take a nap on a Sunday afternoon, or I won't be able to fall asleep at night so I can get up and go to work on Monday morning. It stinks getting old.


Sue said...

What a bummer about your sticker scenario. I hate when I do things like that too.

I too have gotten my sleep way out of whack with the holidays. Hopefully you can push through the day and have a peaceful sleep Sunday night for the start of your new week.

I'll have to watch EM tonight and take a good gander at those cabinets ;-)

Happy New Year!

Nezzy said...

That sneaky little number eleven! That little punk just caused ya'll kinds of trouble.

I pray that your sleep gets back on track. It's just so important to our well being.

I too love watching Extreme Makeover, your John?

Have a wonderfully blessed day and sweet, sweet rest tonight my friend.

daisymarie said...

Okay, that sounds like something I would do! Drat, I wanted to watch the show. I'll try and catch it on A while back the sister of a FB friend helped with a house near Toledo. It's such a neat thing. Can't wait to see your hubby's handiwork!

daisy said...

Ah! I should have clarified...John is our son. He's been a cabinet maker for a few years now, and he does beautiful work. He's a perfectionist (just like his daddy). But we didn't see him on there.