Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crystal Bowersox rox my sox off!!

Last night I had class, but I had American Idol set to record, as I usually do, just in case I miss it or in case someone is TALKING to me when the show is on. Sometimes people actually CALL me during AI, NOT on a commercial! I know! I have to be very patient with these people. (LOL. You know who you are...)

But I got home from class, and both the TV and the satellite box were OFF. I stayed calm, but inside I was freaking out!! If you imagine an addict going into withdrawal, plug my face in there. Now imagine my delirious face when I turned it on to check, and the WHOLE SHOW had been recorded. YES!

So by the time I started watching it, the show was over, obviously. In fact, the two hour block for voting was almost over. I watched Crystal Bowersox do a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, and started calling in to vote right then. Now I don't usually vote in the early eliminations because I don't get attached very fast. But THAT was...words fail me. I'm going to steal someone else's was bomb! Ridiculous! I'd buy her music now if it all sounded like that. I voted until the time ran out on voting.

*deep breath* Okay, I'm better now that I got that off my mind. But I think I'll actually vote this season, as long as she stays on the show. I don't even think I voted for Adam Lambert last season, even though I was rooting for him to win. In retrospect, I'm glad that Kris Allen won, though. I just thought Adam was fantastically talented. Adam will still be a success musically, but I think that overall, Kris is probably more representative of the music I like to listen to.

I didn't get to see all the guys night from this week yet, but I'll probably catch that tonight. Where was I Tuesday? I can't even remember. Oh. Doing dishes and picking up Erica from practice.

And tonight? Erica's game is not a home game after all, so, a little grocery shopping, and trying to fit in Yes Man with Jim Carrey. Anyone seen it? Whaddya think?


Crystal said...

I am in love with her! Last night she blew my sox off as well =) She IS my Numero Uno favorite!!!! As for the rest of them, I've never seen such a bad group of girls! Ugh!! I was telling my husband last night that I can't remember a season when even this early I didn't have a hard time choosing between who I liked the most. This season, it's Crystal & that's it! I don't really see how the others made it to the top 24!?

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, your hooked bad aren't ya? Heeeheehe!

Have a greatly blessed day!!!

karen said...

For some reason, I've tuned into AI this season. Enough to know some names. My life is so weird - I try not to get too attached to TV shows. Not too impressed with the guys - except Big Mike (Lynche, right?) is good. Crystal - yes. Love her hair, confidence, she. plays. electric. guitar. Are we done here? We're done here. ;)