Sunday, March 7, 2010

I hate when the babies are sick...

Three (or four) of my grandbabies are sick with RSV...they're part of the family of six kids...and one of the sick ones is the new baby. She is in the hospital on oxygen and a nebulizer, and may have to be put on an IV if she doesn't start eating a little better. Poor baby. The other ones who are sick are home but on meds. That is such yucky stuff for the little ones.

Please, will you pray, and ask that the children recover quickly, and pray for the parents, too. There's health stuff going on, and job stuff going on...they've been hanging on by just their fingernails for a while, and they just need to see some daylight already!

Thank you so much!


Becky K. said...

Dear Heavenly Father,

I ask that you would wrap this family in your Loving Arms and bring healing to these little bodies.
I pray that you would bring rest to the tired parents of these little ones.

Please be at work in the job situation and bring just the right opportunities their way.

In Jesus Name,

Nezzy said...

Hey sweetie, bombarding the heavens on your precious babies behalf right now and will continue to do so until your report that everyone is well again. God bless your heart, I will also pray for these young parent and Grandma too.

Take care and please update us.

God Bless

daisymarie said...

Oh my! Hoping that things have improved greatly, but know they still have my prayers!

karen said...

Oh Daisy! I can't believe I missed this post after the beautiful hope note you wrote to Good Buddy, too.

Our Father, we live under the curse you inspired Moses to write to us about in Genesis, and we're born into our Adamic nature, and endure the perils of the god of this world - so much against us in this present time - body, soul, spirit, and all that surrounds us under these heavy burdens. Oh how we swim in deep waters, yet there is our faith in your covenants, belief in your Word, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us. Protect and prosper this young family in all ways, in your Wisdom and in their faith in your Word. For who could live in this world and not love you & cling in faith to your Promises? In the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord & Savior. Amen.