Tuesday, May 18, 2010

no more school, no more books...

...no more teacher's dirty looks! School's out, for the summer!!

No, just kidding. Those days are long past. I'm a teacher's pet, now, not the slacker kid who gets comments on her report card, like, "She would be an excellent student, if she would just quit procrastinating!" Well, I can't lie. I do procrastinate, but even if I am down to the wire, I still pull it together. It's just more stressful that way. LOL.

It's actually really fun to be back in school. I always say that I get a little nervous if I'm not learning something new on a regular basis. I think I might want to take sign language after I get done taking my CNET classes. If my honey and I could take it together, how much more fun would that be?! Yes!

I got to take some writing classes just for fun, and a watercolor painting class, too. Now that was some serious fun. (Yes, I know that's an oxymoron...but not really, because I don't mean it that way. Hush up, little voice, and stop picking at me.)

And this is where my girls, if they were reading this, would roll their eyes at me. Aaahahaha!

What will I do with a whole summer full of free evenings??? It delights me to even consider the thought. Read, read, and read some more! I'll post a list of books I want to get through this summer a little later this week.

What fun things do you have planned this summer?


Nezzy said...

I love to work in my many flower gardens in the morning and swim in the afternoon. Hopefully we'll get a chance to take the boat to the lake on a couple fishin' spins. We always have a huge Forth of July bash and I can always find something fun to do around the eight grandkiddos! Woohoo!

Becky K. said...

You are definitely an overachiever...and I relate!

Enjoy the time with your husband and family. And more time to read whatever you want to read...that sounds pretty good too.

Becky K