Sunday, May 9, 2010

so nice to be a mom

I'm blessed with laughter, love, family, friends and flowers this Mother's Day. It was an amazing day, and I had a great time. People came over for burgers on the grill and stayed to visit and laugh and talk. They they all disappeared again in a flurry, and now the house is quiet again. I'm sitting here totally content, although I should really be studying for my final in my computer networking class.

Dalorian cracked me up today. He had a little bit of a tummy ache, and I asked him if he wanted a bucket in case he threw up--I knew he threw up yesterday morning, so I thought maybe he was feeling sick again. So he's carrying this bucket around under his chin everywhere, and telling everyone he's trying to throw up. He's wearing it like it's a necklace or something.

And you know how little kids get tired of stuff like that pretty quickly? Not him. He took it everywhere with him. Finally, he was laying on the couch on his tummy, with his feet going up the back of the couch, and his head hanging over the edge of the couch with the bucket right underneath his face. He's four, so he fits that way on the couch.

Jayden, his little brother, is sticking his face next to Dal, trying to figure out what is so fascinating in that bucket. He's the "Me, Too" boy. He doesn't say a lot yet, but he sure doesn't want to be left out. Finally, he climbed up on top of Dal, laid over his back, and was still trying to get a bird's eye view of what Dal was looking at in the bucket. He started sliding forward, and was pushing Dal down into the bucket. Dal was yelling, "Hey! Hey! Get offa me! I'm falling in the bucket!"

He is such a ham.

And then DeeDee yelled, "No, wait!" when Aaron tried to rescue them because she wanted to get a picture first. She ought to be a news photographer. Wait! Don't pull him out of that well, yet. Let me get my picture first. LOL. (Love you, DeeDee!) Kids are great.


Nezzy said...

What a perfect day for you. I'm so glad ya got to spend it with the love of your precious family.

God bless and have a marvelous Monday!!!

Becky K. said...

Oooh, the tummy stuff. So glad he didn't really "need" that bucket.

Sounds like a fun day!

Becky K.