Monday, May 24, 2010

too many lists, not enough time!

How does it happen that the items on the to-do list stack up so much faster than I can get them done? When do I just start chucking them out the window before they are even done?

I go in streaks, you know. Sometimes I take care of the high priority things like cruising on Facebook and checking out blogs, and sometimes I sleep. But then the boring jobs pile up until I can't stand it anymore, and then I have to stay up and do them.

Like this weekend coming up, I have a long weekend. I've tried telling myself that I need to relax, and just chill, and maybe get some of that summer reading done. I just don't see that happening. There are just too many things I want to get done.

I bought some bookshelves and a cabinet on an online auction--my new obsession--and I'm rearranging things in my bedroom to make room for the bookshelves. I need a place to keep all the books on my to-read list. The bookshelves are more heavy duty than they appeared on the auction website, which is great! They also appear to have a couple of places where I could add another shelf in there, which would be even better. I have a stack of books waiting to go onto them--I can get my closet cleaned out again and put my new shredder to good use, too. The paper that builds up waiting to be shredded is being fruitful and multiplying in the closet as I write--I promise you it is. Every time I look in there, more paper! Gak. I have nightmares occasionally about being smothered in a huge pile of paper. I wonder what that means.

In spite of my obsession and fascination with organization and sorting, I still collect paper in every nook and cranny in this house. Actually, it is actually the bits of information that I want to save. I am an information junkie. I don't know if there's any hope at all. I think it's an incurable disease. Oh, well. It could be much worse. I'm not sure how, but I'll have to think about it. In the meantime, I'll collect my books and bits on my bedroom bookshelf, and smile as I fall asleep, dreaming about a lovely organized life.

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Just popped over for a first nice visit! Summer? Well, first I have a girlfriends' vacation planned. The rest is yet to see.....

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