Saturday, July 10, 2010

how does my garden grow?

About two weeks ago, I should have gone out into the garden to take pics of the awesome lilies. Most of the Asiatic lilies were in full bloom, and the orange ones coming up through the baby's breath was quite stunning. Here is what is left of them...I think they still look quite nice.

And how about the friendly face in this sassy orange daylily? If you click on the picture, you'll get a better view of him.

There are many other very cool flowers blooming, some of my favorites. They're like old friends coming back. So let me introduce you...

First, the hydrangeas. I got these from one of my previous bosses. A landscaper had put them into his little garden by his house, and he wasn't pleased with how they looked. They were pretty scrawny. But you know what they say about perennials: the first year, they sleep. (He gave them to me the first year he had them.) The second year, they creep. So they get a little bigger. And the third year, they LEAP! Well, these puppies have leapt--they're big, bold and beautiful!

I love my hostas. Some of the hosta blossoms are dainty, but this version has all these lovely fat blooms.

These little cuties are balloon flowers...the blossom starts out looking like a little balloon, with all the tips of the flower petals touching. Then when they're ready, they pop open into this:

Here's a little Turk's cap lily...the last one blooming in my garden. These beauties hang upside down, similar to the beautiful orange tiger lilies that grow wild up in northern Minnesota.

And one lonesome clematis. The vines fell down off the trellis, and I didn't get them back up this spring, so this one just wandered out on top of the other flowers in the bed and bloomed right where it was planted. Hmm, somewhere there's a message in that.

And how could I forget my coneflowers? They're so beautiful.

And the liatris are just getting ready to burst into bloom. A fat bumblebee was humming around, trying to find the best ones already.

How could I pick a favorite? I like so many of them. It's like trying to pick a favorite out of your kids. They're all so different, and you love each of them for who they are. It's impossible!

And speaking of my flowers reminded me of this funny little video you might enjoy. I loved it.


Becky K. said...

Your flowers are great.
The video is cute.
I'm thinking they had a lot of fun making that.

Becky K.

Nezzy said...

Ode to the Dad life! What a hoot. Your flowers are just beautiful. My Asiatic lilies have come and gone after really puttin' on a show this year. I just deadheaded my balloon flowers this mornin'.....the grandkiddos love to 'pop' them.

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

bethn said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!

Sistergirl said...

Wow, your flowers are beautiful, great work.

karen said...

Oh I love to look at flowers and your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing with us! xo

Jolene said...

LMAO!! Funny video. Love the flowers too! Thats one thing I'll SO miss when we move is all my flowers! :(

GardenofDaisies said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!!!